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fatboy - October 7

I hope everyone from the 3rd trimester forum makes it over here. You know who you are!


GloriaD - October 8

Hi everyone! Gosh Dawn, what would we do without you??? Thanks for bringing us over to infant care. I was beginning to wonder if this was the end of our blog. I'm so glad its not, you guys have been my salvation a few times during the last 10 months! Dawn- b___stfeeding is the most frustrating thing to me involving babies. You just never know what they're getting, if they're really satisfied, etc. etc. I completely understand how frustrating it can be and just know that my dr. said the absolute best thing for a baby is a happy mommy. I have turned into a lush with Ava, I just sit and stare at her at night, she is so peaceful and beautiful and I just want to capture it all now because I know it's going to go quickly. I keep thinking that a fourth couldn't be too much worse, right??? DH thinks it could, he didn't like my idea!! Well, I hope all is going well with everyone's lo's and that you all find some time to stay on the forum! Good night!


Cathy2 - October 8

Hey ladies, I'm so glad we have a new forum! Kaiha and I are doing really well! Last night was a bit rough as she was awake from 1-4am....3 feeds, 2 poops and 2 entire outfit changes later she was back to sleep...however, she's really a very easy going and content baby otherwise...I just can't believe the laundry, I can't stay on top of it. I tell you, a good day with a baby, is harder then the hardest day I ever had at work!


kstill - October 8

Hello mommies!!! Gosh I miss you guys so much. I so wish I had the internet at home because motherhood is rough and I always have so many questions and just need to talk. Glad to hear everyone and their babies are doing well. I knew motherhood was going to be hard but had no idea it was going to be like this. I love my son so much but I just don't think I have that "feeling" you are supposed to have with your baby. I question everything I do. It's so frustrating. Anyone having the same feelings? Oh and to those of you who asked...I'm not b___stfeeding and I'm so disappointed. It was just too hard for both of us. I got the baby blues really bad and the frustration with the b___stfeeding was just too much and almost pushed me over the edge. We tried it for about 5 days and that was all I could handle. I guess that's better than nothing. Anyways, I just wanted to drop in and say hello and that I really do miss chatting with you guys SOOO MUCH. I'll try to get online more often. It's just hard to find the time as you all know. God bless you and your little ones and I'll talk to you all soon. And I'll try to update pictures of Treven soon also. The one that's on my site is blurry. Hope everyone has a great week. :)


fatboy - October 8

Oh I am so happy everyone is keeping in touch! Gloria, I totally understand what you mean about the b___stfeeding frustration. Kirby, I have had a lot of the baby blues too, so I kinda went through the whole "I'm not a good mother since I can't provide enough food for her" stage. Believe me I can completely understand. I think I cried nonstop for two weeks, but I am prone to depression anyway. It will get better, just hang in there. I actually got on an antidepressant temporarily,but it made me nauseous so I stopped. Now I'm feeling much better without it. You do have that mother "feeling" I promise. It's just hard to see it sometimes because it's so difficult to be a mom. My gosh it's so hard! I get frustrated with the whole situation now and then when I am ready to do something for me for once. That doesn't mean I don't have that "feeling". It's a huge adjustment and it will take time to get used to it. Do you have anyone there to help out with Treven? Maybe it would help to have a day to just pamper yourself. You sooo deserve it!!! You know we are always here for you! Cathy, I was up those same hours last night. Kailen was p__sed for all three of them. Oh yeah, I finally got moved! We closed on both homes Wednesday. It's been crazy!


fatboy - October 8

Oh yeah, does anyone know when it's okay to start the baby on rice cereal? Also, Kailen has an outtie belly b___ton. At her two week checkup the doc said she has a hernia there and that's why it is pushed outwards. It's still like that at 6 1/2 weeks old! I hope it doesn't stay that way. Anybody know about that?


GloriaD - October 9

I'm not sure if you guys read my prior postings but I am on antidepressants. After Abby I had really bad postpartum, so with Ava I opted to medicate just in case. The original drug zoloft didn't work for me, I had a reaction to it, so I'm on paxil. Its what I took with Abby and it works well for me. I'm doing really well now although I still feel like a failure because I am not b___stfeeding because of the paxil and the beta blocker I'm on. Kirby hang in there, it does get better. I hope you have some help with Trevon. Dawn - I'm not sure about the herniated belly b___ton. Could it still tuck in since she's still so little?? I definitely agree about the "me time." I work out religiously because its something for me. I'll go back to it at six weeks. Its hard to remember to do something for yourself, but again I think you're a better parent if you can remember to take care of yourself. With three kids I think I'd go crazy if I didn't do it. Where did you move to? How long until dh leaves for Iraq?


GloriaD - October 9

Oh and Dawn my dr. has me wait until four months to start rice cereal. But some people put it in bottles sooner than that.


Hailsa24 - October 9

Finally. A time to write to all my other mommys :) I am Stressed, stressed, and more stressed! Curtis, got a second job so that Ava would have health insurance. He was self-employed before, and we couldn't afford to pay insurance & taxes, so now he is working 2 jobs. He is gone from 6 in the morning, until 12:!5 at night...It is so hard being a "single" mommy. I'm not single, but that's how I feel. I do EVERYTHING by myself. Feed Ava, cuddle Ava, bathe Ava, dress Ava, change Ava. I am worn and tired, and on top of that, he can't get up at night, because he needs his 5 hours of sleep he gets, so I have to get up with her EVERY night by myself. SORRY, just ranting and raving a little bit. I find myself getting really frustrated, but then I see my little angel smile, and it's totally worth it. Ava is on Enfamil R.A now, she was spitting up SOOO much. She had her 1 month appointment, weighs 7 1/2 punds, and is 22 1/2 inches long! She is a LONG baby...95%percentile. I guess she'll be tall. Anyways, she is staying more and more alert every day, and LOVES bath time. It must remind her of mommy's belly. I love her sooo much, she just wears me out, and I'm only 22 haha! Cudos to alllll the women who have more than one child, because adjusting to life with one has proven difficult! Have a great night ladies, I'm going to sneak a quick shower! xoxo


GloriaD - October 10

Good morning! I got up with Ava and its not worth going back to bed since ds has to get up for school in 15 minutes. Then hopefully I can sneak in an hour before Abby wakes up for the day. Having three kids is so tiresome! I'm exhausted and looking forward to when Ava will at least sleep through the night. Hailsa- I know the feeling about being the primary, if not only caregiver. DH is gone at work from 4am - 6pm, so he's home and awake for about 3-4 hours. I am so busy during the day. I do nights too. I fix dinner, help with homework, do laundry for five, clean the house, do all the running around and shopping, and try to give each child a little one on one attention at some point. I also got back on the treadmill last night, I figured I had to start sometime. Hang in there with all the stress of caring for the baby, it just gets easier from here. Wow, your Ava is long! My Ava is on Good Start. I had her on Similac and she was so constipated she would scream and she'd also spit up so forcefully that it would come out her nose. Good start is working out well for her. Now I'm off to wake up ds and get his lunch made and get him on the bus. Hope everyone has a good day!


Cathy2 - October 11

Hey Guys, Once again it's good to know everyone has the same typ eof mood swings and feelings that range from pure joy to total inadequacy in any given day. I serioulsy didn't know I was superwomen unitl I had Kaiha...this morning I fed her, changed her, drove my husband to the GO station, then went grocery shopping on my own for the first time with Kaiha...came home unpacked, changed her fed her, put away groceries, finally had breakfast (at 11am) and I feel like I've run a marathon. Kaiha is 8'6 now and has finally surpa__sed her birth weight...I am also now producing 100% of the b___stmilk she's been 3 weeks of hard work, but I am really proud of myself....i need to feed 9 times a datythough right now in order to keep producing enough milk...Im seriously exhausted and really sore! I am really dissappointed though at how long it is taking my incision fron the c-section to heal...the skin around it is still so tender..kind of itchy and stinging...that plus the beautiful stretch marks that have appeared only after I had her and the back fat and huge a__s thathaven't gone away...I'mstarting to get a bit depressed about the body thing...will I ever feel beutiful again?


kstill - October 12

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one feeling like a crazy lady. Things are slowly starting to get better each day. Treven wasn't liking the formula I had him on originally and I've recently switched to Nutramigen and he loves it. Thank goodness. It's not fun having a fussy baby all the time. My mom has been helping me and Treven's daddy has been around a lot more than i thought he would. Hailsa~I'm so with you!! Mother's who do it with more than one child absolutely amaze me! Gloria You GO GIRL!! I don't know if I will ever have more children! Dawn~I'm glad you got moved finally. Has your husband left yet? I wonder how Sienna is doing? She hasn't been on in a while. Anyways...hope you guys have a great weekend. Talk to you all soon. xoxox


fatboy - October 13

I agree....I don't know how those of you do it with multiple children. Kailen hates to be put down, so I basically have to hold her all the time or she's extremely fussy. DH leaves for Iraq November 6th for 15 months. I am so not looking forward to the day he leaves, I will be sooo upset. I will really have to keep it together for Kailen's sake, but I think I will need to get on some antidepressants to help me through it. I have done this before, so I know I can do it one more time. I have just never done it for this long! We both agreed last night that we're ready for him to leave already. The quicker he gets over there, the quicker he gets home. This waiting game is killing me! Anyway, sorry for the venting....I just really appreciate ya'll listening and being supportive. Cathy, you go awesome that you are doing so well with bfing. I have started back up again....feeding about 3-4 times a day. Sorry, gotta go....she's calling!


fatboy - October 14

Hey just wanted to let everyone know that I've put new pics up on the september mommies page!


Hailsa24 - October 15

Dawn, I'll be praying for you and your family! I hope his leave goes fast for you! Ava doesn't do good on ANY forumla. She either spits it up, or is constipitated, and I changed her formula again, and it seems she has diarrhea. I feel so bad for switching so much, but i'm just trying to do what is right. MIL is on my a__s...QUIT CHANGING HER FORMULA, DO THIS, DO THAT. The other night we stayed at MIL's house, and curtis woke up with ava in the morning, When i woke up, ava was peacefully sleeping in her bouncer..well I wanted to freakin' hold MY kid so I picked her up...MIL says "oooh, were you just jealous you didn't get to hold her this morning?" ARE YOU KIDDING? It's my d__n kid, i'll hold her before anybody and everybody if I want to. Then FIL, Ooh, when are you going to let Ava stay with us for the night? ummm when she FREAKING TALKS! lol...I hate it. I wanted to ask you ladies, do you feel better when YOUR mother has your kids? or do I just have a bias against his mother, who BTW, drinks beer ALL night once she gets home from work. I could go for a beer too, but that's why I'm leaving Ava with a babysitter...I'm not tryin' to take her to Drunken Daycare! come on! I had to vent. Sorry ladies.


crrodgers - October 15

Hello Ladies, I always feel like I'm b___ting in when I come on your thread!!! LOL! I feel like I know all of you from the piczo page! Well, my little angel is 3 weeks and 3 days old. We went for a checkup today and he is now 7 lbs 6 oz, he was born at 6 lbs 8 oz. He is such a doll! As most of you know, this is my 3rd baby. I have a 4 and a half yr old and an 2 and a half yr old and now my little man. Surprisingly, it has been a lot easier than I expected! I actually thought it was harder being prego and having to take care of my 2 girls than it is having 3 children. It definatley has to do with the fact that I got lucked out with my little boy! My 1st was colicy and my 2nd had to be held 24/7. This little guy never cries, and only wakes up 1 time at night, maybe 2 times on a bad night....Believe me, I went through the hard stressful times with the crying babies and babies that had to be held all the time, I think God decided to give me a little break this time! I have started back to work about 2 weeks ago. I have my own business and it is family owned so I take my baby with me. To all of you having a hard time with your 1st babies, I went through it! I felt like I wasn't a good enough mother, I felt like everyone had to have a say in how I did things and it can make you very depressed! It get's easier, I promise! As far as the whole MIL issue, I totally agree with you, I wouldn't even let my own father watch my girls because he used to drink every night....he's now 7 months sober, but you are right, nobody is as good as your own mother....I trust my mom with everything!


Cathy2 - October 16

Hey ladies, I am trying really hard not to bieased against my mother in law, but I think it's jsut natrual to trust your own mother more...however, my mom has bought a crib that she has set up at her house and a car seat for their car and I have no idea when she thinks she's gonna need either of those two things...she keeps mentioning sleepovers, yet number one, I'm exclusively b___st feeding so I don't know how she thinks that's gonna work, and two, are you freakin crazy? talk to me in a year!!!!! Things are finally settling well with us thgouh, b___st feeding was so wortht he last 4 weeks of agony, we are now full of milk and gaining just over an ounce per day. Dawn I wanted to ask you, the last I read you had decided to stop b___stfeeding and then you said you started upagain...what changed your mind, and didn't your milk dry up? Also I'll be thinking about you and Nov gets closer, you're a brave woman!



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