Peanut Butter ReCall

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piratesmermaid - February 15

Check your cabinents, ladies! Their recalling any Peter Pan or Great Value peanut butter with a code on the lid that begins with 2111. I just found out that I have to destroy our PB. Wanted to pass this on! Oh, and they're being recalled due to possible salamonella contamination!!!


mandee25 - February 15

What next! I swear all the food recalls lately are getting crazy.


piratesmermaid - February 15

I know, water will be next. Haha.


Nita_ - February 15

thanks piratesmermaid! For a sec I thought I had peter pan one! But I just checked both the one in the fridge and one in pantry and they are jif and skippy! Sometimes I get scared that I don't know much of these recalls! I don't get to watch news much these days! How do you ladies keep up with these recalls?


Heather F - February 15

are they giving refunds?


piratesmermaid - February 15

I would think at least WalMart would. THey just discovered the cause of the salamonella poisoning (in 39 states) was the peanut b___ter. I saw this on (during my daily visit).


meagan1227 - February 15

uh oh, i looked in my cabinet and i have the peanut b___ter that is being recalled, half the jar is already gone too. what states r they being recalled in?


meagan1227 - February 15

never mind i see SC in the states listed on CNN


piratesmermaid - February 15

I know, half our jar was gone too. I used the PB to make cookies, so I figure if it was contaminated, the oven heat killed it. I just threw mine out.


Rabbits07 - February 15

I have 3 jars of it....1 half eaten. I'm getting a refund or whatever. I'm certainly not throwing it out. It's too expensive for that!


CyndiG - February 15

I copied this off of our local news website. Maybe it will help. "If consumers have this product, they should discard it, but save the product lid. For a full refund, consumers must return the Peter Pan Peanut B___ter or Great Value Peanut B___ter product lid along with their name and mailing address to ConAgra Foods, P.O. Box 3768, Omaha, NE 68103. Consumers with questions or concerns about the recall can call the 24-hour toll-free hotline at 866-344-6970. For more information about salmonella, visit"


KLT - February 15

LoL, our Help Desk at work is getting calls about the peanut b___ter because the number being given by some media outlets is either the same or very close to the Help Desk number.


piratesmermaid - February 15

Oh no, KLT! LOL!


C - February 15

Two people at my work had this same PB and both had eaten 1/2 the jar and are fine. They threw them out to be safe.


luviduvi - February 15

We had the bad PB but it hadn't been open yet.........wheww! (wipe brow)


Renea - February 15

We had the bad one too--but only dh eats it (it was crunchy style--yuck), but unfortunately the jar is just about gone. I tossed it just in case though.



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