PEAS Feeding To 10 Month0old

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angeev - August 19

My son has just started munching table foods and he LOVES peas so I give him a few peas on his try for finger food quite regularly. They're frozen, cooked and cooled. Yesterday in a casual conversation with a random stranger this lady made me feel like the worst mother by telling me infants cannot digest peas and he likely has a constant belly ache. Has anyone else heard this? They come out the other end just fine--as far as I can tell anyway. THANKS!


Buffi R. - August 19

I've never heard that. I can't believe baby food manufacturers would make peas a flavor of Stage 1 foods if there was anything wrong with babies eating them. My 8 mo old daughter loves peas too, but I've never tried them in the whole form, just Stage 1or 2, but she's happy as a clam after eating them.


ROBYN - August 19

Ditto to Buffi. Everyone thinks they know whats best for your kid. YOU know whats best and why the heck would they sell it in stage 1 - 3 baby foods if its gonna harm your baby. Dont worry feed the kid peas if he wants it.


angeev - August 19

I thought it was pretty odd, you hear about it with corn...but peas. Don't get me wrong, Cheerios are great finger foods but if he is willing to eat peas in addition, I'm giving him the green stuff. THANKS!


tish212 - August 22

i see you have your answer, but i wanted to say this... my daughter is 8 months and gets to "taste" table foods, and she just LOVES fresh veggies... so the other day i decided to try stage 3 food chicken and stars...and it has whole peas in it... (she loves peas, they are soft and small enough for her to take whole...and she loves chewing now lol) so i would think that if peas were so bad, they wouldn't put em in a babies food, corn is undigestable...and so is broccoli but peas are broken down in the digestive tract...also corn doesn't cause stomach aches from not being broken down, it actually helps drs reccomend regularly eating corn and raw broccoli to help "clean" out your intestines since they go through pretty much shole and "grab" left over waste on the way out... tummy aches are caused by gas causing foods, like lettuce and things that ferment, but a good gas medicine and balanced diet can prevent i would say chalk that convo up to an old person with a wives tale... the world is full of em.... :) and like robyn said, doesn't everyone else seem to "know" what is best for YOUR child... if your lil one had a tummy ache from a food you would know, your mommy instinct would tell you...(and the crying or whining gives it away lol) so dont worry bout her-



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