Pedialyte VS Gaterade

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Kara H. - January 16

Does anyone know how much of a difference is there between pedialyte and gaderade, nutritionally speaking? We are over our illnesses now, but Max refused to drink the pedialyte, so I gave him water with the peds permission. The next day we had it too, and I was losing lots of fluids. I tried some of the pedialyte and it was awful! It was really sweet and the consistancy of it was thicker than water and slimy. This is going to sound so gross, but it felt between my fingers just like amniotic fluid! Ack! My hubby was able to make it to the gas station to get gaterade rain (berry flavor) for us, and I ended up giving some to Max too, diluted with regular water. He sucked it down like he it was the best tasting stuff ever. So what is the difference between the two? The gaterade tasted way less sweet than the pedialyte.


Anne - January 16

I'm not sure about the pedialyte, but when my dd was sick a few days ago, I gave her the Gerber brand and she loved it. It was the only thing she would drink. It wasn't thick or slimy ; ) I tried it and it wasn't too bad. It came in a box of 6 packets. You pour the packet into water, just like kool-aid. I'd use it again!


Kara H. - January 16

That certainly sounds better than the pedialyte stuff. Once it made me throw up, I quit pushing it on Max. I felt so bad I kept trying for force feed him the stuff! I will look for the gerber packets when I go to the store tomorrow so we will have it on hand for our next illness.


Anne - January 16

I know they have it at Walgreen's so they should have it at the grocery store. The other good thing about it is that it doesn't take up nearly as much room in the pantry or fridge.


Lisastar9 - January 16

LiquiLytes® Instant Mix Powder, the great-tasting oral electrolyte solution with less waste. is the name of the product.


sahmof3 - January 16

We have used Gatorade, because our ped actually said we could use either and it was a little cheaper than pedialyte. We've also used the packets... not sure if they were Gerber or another brand. I tasted it (we had apple juice flavor) and it was slightly salty tasting, but my kids liked it.


Rabbits07 - January 17

Our pedi always said Gatorade was an acceptable alternative to Pedialyte....I don't bother with Pedialyte anymore as none of my kids would ver drink it. I even got the Pedialyte pops and my son snubbed his nose at those, too!



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