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Beth - December 22

Sorry to keep intruding on your forum but I think ya'all are so helpful and I get really good tips from you professional mommies! Anyways I am wondering for those who did NOT have family dr or pediatricion before you got did you find one? I have an obgyn and that is it. Now they are telling me to start interviewing I am qualified for that. Anyhoo what should I look for? Any advice is appreciated. Also this is kind of a sticky subject but my two year old niece has had croops (sp?) twice. Now everytime she gets a cold she is likely to have it. My son is due Feb. 3rd and I am wondering if I should talk to my SIL about keeping them apart until cold season is over. Is croops contagious (w/ or w/o a cold). What should I do?


jodie - December 22

Hi Beth. I was worried about the same thing to...and I kind of procrastinated(sp). I had my son on november 19th and after I had him the hospital asked if I had a pediatrician (which I didn't) so the had one that comes to the hospital and she checked my son out. She gave me her card for the office she usually practices at. So I called her up and scheduled his first appointment with her and now she is our official pediatrician. So if you don't have one ahead of time they will supply one for you at the hospital..hehehe that sounds funny. I did ask my ob if he recomended anyone before my son was born...but I never got a chance to look around. Good luck!


Jbear - December 22

When I had my first baby, she came early and I didn't have time to carefully choose a doctor. I just picked the one closest to our house, and ended up going to a dirty office with hostile nurses and doctors that didn't spend more than two minutes looking at my baby. We had an incident at my daughter's 3 year old checkup and I decided we were never going back there, so I had to find a new doctor. This is how I picked our pediatrician: I got the list of doctors on our insurance plan, figured out which ones were in our part of town, looked at the hours the office was open, and then called to see if they were taking new patients. I told the receptionist I was looking for a doctor for our new baby, and she made an appointment for us to meet with the doctor. He talked to us for half an hour and gave us a bunch of stuff to read about taking care of the baby. I didn't really have that many questions for him. I guess if you didn't believe want to vaccinate your baby, or if your family is vegetarian, or something like that, you'd want to make sure you had a doctor who was supportive of your decisions. Another thing to look for is a doctor whose waiting room has separate areas for sick and well children, or who schedules the appointments so there's not a room full of kids don't want to take your baby in for a checkup and have him catch cold. My hospital said I had to pick a pediatrician before I could pre-register. He actually came to the hospital each evening to examine the baby. It's easier to find one you like first, and just stick with that one...when we switched to the new pediatrician, I had to sign all these forms so that his office could get my older daughter's medical records from the other doctor.


Jbear - December 22

I forgot...I looked up croup and it's not an illness in itself, it is a complication of an illness that some children get. It is contagious. If your baby is around a child with croup, he might get croup or he might just get a head cold. Neither one would be good for an infant. Once you pick a pediatrician, maybe you can tell your SIL that the pediatrician said to keep your baby away from other small children for the first six weeks, or two months...however long it takes to get out of the cold season. If you come into contact with your niece while she's sick, make sure you wash your hands before you touch your baby. Toddlers are great, but they're little germ factories...


TC - December 22

I asked my OB/GYN if she knew anyone who was good. She recommended a ped to me that was in the same building as her just down the hall. I picked her and she came to the hospital right after I had my son to check up on him. I love her and don't think that I am leaving her anytime soon.


Jamie - December 22

I got extremely OB's husband is a pediatrician! lol...I think they're both absolutely wonderful doctors.


Christy - December 22

Hi, Beth. I don't know anything about the croop, but I had to get a pediatrician for my son while I was preggo. I asked most people I knew with kids who their peds doctor was. About three people recommended the group practice we are going to now. There were two docs in particular that were recommended, and the one was very highly touted by my friend who is a ped nurse who worked with him. I scheduled an appointment to meet him about 4 weeks before my due date. I asked about office hours, getting appointments at the last minute, how he felt about making referrals to specialists, at which hospital he attended, and how long he's been in practice. Here is a good article on picking a pediatrician that I used: BTW- keep distance in mind. Our ped is 25 minutes from here and I admit that it is a pain driving there. I may eventually switch docs to someone closer, but I do really like the guy, so maybe not.


momma - December 22

i opted for a family doctor which both dh and i have been going to since we were little so i felt we could trust the doctors there and it is cheaper then a pediatricion (sp) and about 20 miles closer then the nearest pediatrician


Shannon - December 22

i didn't have any doctor at all really when i got pregnant. we picked our doctor cuz my dh went their when he was worried about some stuff that turned out to be nothing. he seemed like a nice guy and he was the only one we knew (he's a family phsyician) so we picked him. he's an indian doctor that always coos about how cute Isabelle is, it's funny.



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