Period While BF

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Nicole1 - July 2

My ds is 10 weeks old. I am bf every two hours. I got my af today. Anyone else get their af while bf.


Camilla - July 2

Hey Nicole..I just started what looks like a really weak period yesterday. First time since she was born 11 weeks ago. I also b/feed every 2-3 hours, though she'll go for about 5 or so hours not feeding during the night. I think that can be a long enough stretch for the hormones to kick in again. Does your ds sleep for more than 3 hours at night? I'm actually quite happy about it, cuz it makes it easier to work out when I might need to be extra careful.


Yodergoat - July 2

My period returned just days before my daughter turned 3 months old, and she nurses often. We co-sleep, so she nurses whenever she wants at night, too... sometimes about every 3 hours, sometimes a bit longer in between. She did skip a feeding and went 7 hours one night, but surely one long stretch wouldn't do it, would it? She doesn't use a pacifier, so gets all of her sucking needs met by me. And yet, here came my period! Oh well. Like Camilla mentioned, it does make it easier to know when to be extra careful! I never did trust lactational amenorrhea as my sole form of birth control. I would love to have another baby, but not just yet...


starr - July 2

I was just wondering about this.My baby girl is 14 days old and I was wondering if Bf has any affect on when my period would start back.I strictly BF and from what I hear others say that usually makes it longer for your period to return.


miami_loca - July 3

Im still waiting on mine. My son is 14 weeks and is both bottle and b___st.


ConnorsMommy - July 3

well, i didn't start my period until 3 and a half months after my son was born, and i didnt even bf!... but my best friend did bf and she got her period 6 WEEKS after her daughter was born... i guess it's just different with everyone.


Ginny - July 3

AF came 4 months after my baby was born, but my mom never had one while she b___stfed. (Jealous!!) BUT AF has been much less painful post-baby. Has this happened to anyone else?


LisaB - July 3

I am still waitning to get mine ds is almost 8 months, not that I miss it but we are talking about ttc again and I'd like to get it at least once first.


Shannon - July 3

i got mine when my baby was 7 months old. she's been solely bf, too


Ba8y6irl - July 4

See I am not sure right now. My dd is 5 weeks old and I was just getting to the point where my after birth flow (lochea or whatever) was stopping and out came the red blood again... its not heavy its just confusing... my dd is solely bf and feeds quite often. Is this my period??


Rabbits07 - July 5

Afetr I had my last DS I bled the first week, had light brown the 2nd week and only a faint pink discharge the 3rd and 4th weeks. But then the 5th and 6th weeks, only ONCE a day, I would just release a big gush of bright red blood. I was starting to get worried, but then it stopped...I had never done that with any of the others so I was puzzled. These female bodies sure can be puzzling....guys just don't know how lucky they have it!


terri - July 5

Hi my ds is going to be 6 months old in 3 more days and I have still not gotten my period. Loving it!! I do b___stfeed all the time!!!!!!!!!!


luvbendict - July 5

I b___stfed exclusively and my period came 5 mths after ds was born.


Amanda584 - July 5

I am b___stfeeding exclusively every 2-3 hours. Baby sleeps throught the night though. AF came back 8 weeks post-partum :(


Happy Mom - July 5

My b___stfed son is 12 months and I haven't had af yet.



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