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Angie in MI - June 15

Hi ladies.. I had a period for over two weeks now nothing for about 4 weeks...... did all of your periods get back to normal right away... I'm getting scared that I'm pregnant again!


Rabbits07 - June 15

It may be a little longer between your periods since you bled for so long. I've always been regular when I finally got it back, but know other women who have taken a while to get back on track. If you're worried about being preg do a home test. If it's negative, do another in 7-10 days. If that one is still negative you should be in the clear unless it just happened in the last day or two. Just remember most women ovulate 14 days before their next period, so with your periods out of whack it is hard to determine when ovulation is occurring, but testing now and again in 10 days should give you a correct result. And like I said, alot of women are irregular for a while, so I wouldn't worry too much.


Debi - June 15

Hi Angie, I am having probs too with mine. I am 4 months pp and still haven't had one yet. I did bleed for 6 weeks after my dd was born but nothing since. It was kind of nice, but I am going back to work next month and I am on my feet so I wanted to get the initial one over with before I go. I haven't had an egg released cycle since Jan. 2005 (I was pg then m/c and got pg right after) plus I have fibroids, so I know with the first one I am going to be in for a world of hurt. Anyway, I am currently half way through a 10 day course of Provera, so hopefully this will do the trick, my doc did send me for thyroid testing too, I don't even know the results yet (and I'm NOT pregnant) my body is just out of whack. How old is your lo and are you nursing?


TinaMarie - June 16

Hi! I went through the same thing after my first period. It was almost 6 weeks till I had gotten the next. But after that I was pretty much back on track.



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