Periods Worse After Baby

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LisaB - January 31

My ds is 14.5 months and I nursed so didn't get a period until he was 10 months it seems like every month it is getting worse and worse. It started today and I feel like I went out and drank a bottle of Tequilla last night. I have a horrible headache, stomache ache and lower back pain. No cramps but just feel horrible. Will it always be like this? Anyone else? It seems like each month is worse than the last.


ssmith - January 31

I got my first period last month when my daughter was 8 months. It sure was nice to go so long without a period!! Anyway, it was definitely worse than before having the baby. I never really had cramps before, or a very heavy flow (sorry for the details).....but this time was horrible. It felt like I was in labor all over again.....awful back ache, cramps etc..... I certainly hope it isn't going to be like this from now on. Sorry, I can't really help because I've only had one period postpartum....but it was certainly worse than before.


vonzo - January 31

My first one was awful, i got it back at 9 weeks. A few days before my second one i was headachey and had a very sore back and tummy pains and thought "great another horrific one" but when i actually started bleeding (sorry tmi) the pain disappeared and i felt fine! Still waiting on no.3! Have you tried going on some kind of birth control? Alot of them make your periods lighter and lessen the effects of PMT. When i was on the pill before i had my daughter my symptoms pretty much halfed from when i wasn't on it! Maybe it's worth looking into if they're making you miserable? xx


LisaB - January 31

I am on the pill- should I try another kind? Oh did I mention I now break out in tumors like a teenage boy???


srigles - January 31

Mine came back around 9 weeks, and I'm on the pill again and mine are HORRIBLE. Heavy flow (tmi, sorry), bad cramps, and I just feel c___ppy in general. And LisaB, I break out as well now, which I never did before. Before when I was on the pill (same kind), I had hardly any bleeding, any cramps and didn't feel bad at all. I hope it improves as time goes on!


vonzo - January 31

I haven't tried the pill since having my dd so maybe having a baby does make the symptoms worse? Sorry i wasn't much help! I'm about to start the contraceptive patch so i'll let you know if it makes things more bearable!


Erynn21 - January 31

You know I got mine at 8 wks pp, and was exclusively b___stfeeding, so I am not the lucky one who had any reprieve, but each subsequent period seems to make me feel c___ppier. I also broke out really bad, and that is really weird for me because I don't really break out. I have had the WORST back pain, I can remember, it's like when I was 16 and had my period. I have also had migraines, but my flow is light like maybe 3 days, I am all screwed up. Plus now mid-cycle I am getting a plugged duct in my b___st from b___st feeding, it's happened the last 2 months, I am all a mess. Our bodies need some time to adjust again to the hormones, I know i have also been cranky, I kinda snapped at my dh the other night because my back just started aching so bad, I just wanted to cry and it can on in literally 3 minutes. I went from fine to horrible that fast, I never used to be like that.


DeeJay - February 1

I am on my 5th month of bleeding (sorry gross) But it sucks. I am also now on Depo which used to stop my periods, but not now. I also get the horrible headaches, very bad back pain and lots of pimples. I never had this before, well I didn't have a period for 8 years prior to baby because of Depo. So right now we are trying to figure out if the depo is causing it or if I have another problem.. I have to go for blood work and ultrasound. But my doc said your hormones can get so screwed up after a baby, It can mess with your thyroid and all kinds of stuff, so if it gets really bad you should definately talk to your doctor.



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