Picky Eaters

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Angiconda - January 18

Hi there my ds is 5 months and we have been giving him solids or over a month now but he is so picky. He will only eat the sweet potatoes or carrots and the applesause or pears. He is not a fan of peas, green beans, or banannas. I tried switching between the 2 as I am feeding him or putting the green beans on a spoon with a little applesauce to see if he will take them and lastnight he ate all the green beans but by the time he went to bed a lot of them came back up and it was a struggle to get him to eat them to begin with. Is anyone elses los picky. Also does anyone know when you switch to stage 2?


Emmie - January 18

When you say came back up again do you mean he spit them up. My son spits up green beans also. I decided they must not agree with his belly. I quit feeding them to him for a month or so and now when I feed him I only give him a little bit and they dont seem to bother him anymore. Maybe you could wait a little while on the greens. Will he eat rice or oatmeal if so that should be plenty for now-you could just mix with applesauce or pear and occa__sionaly give him some veggies. I would not switch to the stage 2s until at least 6 months. I didnt start them until my son was 7 months but I did not start solids until 6 months old. Hope this helps.


ash2 - January 18

Im having a bit of the same problem ! DS would not even consider stage 2 foods ! We went from stage one, straight to table food ! He would have starved if we didnt . He is 7 months now and we were feeding him mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and puddings and stage one foods untill he got his 2 teeth. Now we feed him other things too like small bites of green beans, mac-n-cheese, etc....


rl- - January 18

you can switch to stage 2 at 6 months I am not sure what to tell you about your picky lo cause my ds would eat dirt if I put it on a spoon LOL....maybe he will like the stage 2 better it prolly would not hurt to try and also stage 3 he may like stuff with a little bit of chunks in it they are very tender I did not keep ds on stage 2 long at all before I went to stage 3......good luck



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