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... - December 21

I want to see pictures of everyones beautiful babies!!!


T. - December 21

Just look at "my little angel" post for mione! =) unless you've already seen it!


T. - December 21

sorry *mine*


Chelsey - December 21

Why? You're not the one who's obsessed with Narcissus' little guy are you? Sorry, but my site is coming down.


Chelsey - December 21

Just wanted to say, a name to go with the post might have granted you one last peek at my kidlets....


Shelly - December 21

Chelsey,I was going to post the same!!!!I am not giving out Jesses website nomore,I will e-mail the new one to you Chelsey.Too many weirdo's outhere.


Chelsey - December 21

My point exactly! Make sure you give it to me! I'll be sure to send you pics! I'll send that recipe too, in a bit!


Sabrina - December 21

lol no i am not narcissus stalker...sorry about the lack of a name but i didnt really have to much time to write one.


Ashley - December 21

A good idea is to just pa__sword protect piczo and give the pa__sword to whom ever you like. Thats what I did, although my hubby never let me post my piczo site because he's paronoid.


TC - December 21

I personally am not afraid of someone trying to "stalk" me. I say come if you want, come on over. I don't have any animals I just have me. People come on here and post c___p and to intimidate everyone. That irks me beyond belief.


tanya - December 21

i do believe that her (Narc)son's "supposed" admirer was someone trying like hell to intimidate everyone. she was trying to put the fear into the one who calls herself Narcissus by saying extremely bizarre things...maybe she just wasn't Narc's biggest fan. don't let someone so low prevent you from sharing your baby's website with other women...that only shows that they've won the game and that is so sad.


Ashley - December 21

I see your point, but I'm still a little freaked out. Even though no one has really trolled me... I'm not as brave as you guys I guess, because I'm a wuss and I know it!


Jbear - December 21

I'm not afraid of stalkers pet's name is ruger.


monica - December 22

I am not afraid either.....


Chelsey - December 22

Its not that I am afraid of the stalkers or trolls.. I feel that if they want to attack me and try to get under my skin, thats fine, doesn't stress me. However I dont want to put my kids in a situation where they are being part of twisted mind games like Narcissus' was with her little guy's pics. I most definately do not want these weirdo's/ a*ssholes looking at my kids. If I remove my site, then it is one less target for trolls to go after, and I dont have to worry about what kind of space cadet is looking at my family. Its a privacy issue more than anything for me now. I'll most definately share pics with people I know and will get to know, but I'm not going to post it anymore for any stranger or possible diddler that is pa__sing by the site one day.


Narcissus - December 22

Ladies, don't take your sites down... :( That's what Aja's admirer wanted. Heavenly emailed me to let me know that she needs about 90 photos of Aja for a wall collage she is preparing, lol!!



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