Pictures Of My Little Girl

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Tami - November 10

Hey everyone. I wanted to post my website for my little girl! My husband wants a password so it won't be up for long to all of you (he is really very protective of our little one), but I wanted to share how cute she is! it is She was six weeks old yesterday and we just love her to death!


TC - November 10

it is asking for a pa__sword.


karine - November 10

yeah its asking for a pa__sword


Tami - November 10

Sorry everyone. My internet went down right after I posted this. I just took the pa__sword off, so it should work for all of you. Enjoy! My husband says I have to put that pa__sword back on tonight though, so I hope all of you get to see how adorable she is before then. I want to see your beautiful babies as well, so post their sites for me!


New mom - November 10

She is so cute...great pictures..


Lissi - November 10

I missed it. The pa__sword is back on. :(


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 10

you can see my little girl at


Tami - November 11

I took it off again for awhile (my husband doesn't know!) Hope you get there before he finds out!


sam - November 11

thank you tami for taking the pa__sword prompt off...she's such a little cutie! you guys must be proud!


Lissi - November 11

Ok, Tami. I finally got to take a sneaky peek at her! :) She's a cutie! Love that little pumpkin outfit!


Ruth - November 11

Tried to look, but it asked for a pa__sword. Why do you have it pa__sword protected? My son is at


To Ruth - November 11

Your son is a doll! Just curious though, what are the spots on his face? He's a little cutie regardless, and same to you Tami about your little girl.


Ruth - November 11

My son got a staph infection in the hospital after he was born. The spots are a bad case of baby acne caused by the weakened immune system from the staph infection. He's also already had an eye infection and numerous skin rashes. :( Doc says it will get better as his immune system improves.


Sarah - November 13

All of you babies are adorable!! Here's my little princess:



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