Pictures Of My Little One

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Eryn @ MN - February 3

I put some new pictures of Ellie on her website if anyone wants to see. The newer ones are on the 4 month page and the update page. Anyone else have new pictures of their little one? Her website is:


Jess - February 3

aww shes so cute! here is sophie's site!


Kaeli - February 3

Aww Ellie is so cute! I love that crazy hairdoo! Jess- for some reason I couldnt get your site to work, do I need to remove some dashes? Here is Maddox's updates pics. Go to the "pics" tab and it has the newest ones!


Jess-Sophies-Mum - February 3


FF - February 3

Aww! Such a sweetheart!


Eryn @ MN - February 3

Maddox and Sophie are so adorable!


Christy - February 3

Eryn- I love your new pics! She is adorable! Jess- Sophie is such a cutie! Love that face. Kaeli- Maddox's hair reminds me of my Ben's. I plan to leave the little mullet alone for now- LOL! BTW- he is a handsome little man!


erin (can't log in) - February 3

Eryn, she's getting prettier and prettier, i love her eyes...they're gorgeous. Jess, sophie is precious, i love the one with her laying on the pink pillow--she looks to be smiling and so young. Kaeli, my son's middle name is maddox, i love it and his little mullet ain't so bad!! cute babies everyone. my son's site was updated (he's almost 6 months now)...just go to "new pics" if you would like :


channy*too lazy to sign on* - February 3

jess, you got it wrong,


Jess-Sophies-Mum - February 3

hehe sorry


Eryn @ MN - February 4

Erin: Raif is so cute! I love the boogyman picture! He must be excited for the big game on Sunday ;) Is he standing already?


Sian1 - February 4

Everyones babies are soo adorable!!Eryn - I cant believe how much hair she was born cute! My kids were all bald when they were born....Matthew still is! My kids are at if anyone wants to see!


erin - February 4

hey Eryn, yes Raif does like to stand, although it's usually supported by something, like holding onto chairs or standing next to sofas....he will probably be walking earlier b/c he has always liked to stand. he will not crawl b/c he hates being on his tummy...he just rolls onto his back on the floor! he would rather stand and see the world from that viewpoint i think. and YES, we are all ready for the Steelers game tomorrow~can't wait! Sian, I love your children's names and they are so cute. by the way, how do you pronounce your name?


Sian1 - February 4

Erin, thankyou!! My name is pronounced (hmm, this is tricky, lol) well the 'si' is like 'sh' so its like shan. Although the a isnt like the a sound in 'and' its like the a sound in 'aunt'. Make sense? Im confusing even myself, haha.



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