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Sue - November 30

I've been looking at all of your piczo sites and decided to do one of my own. Just trying to figure some things out and hoping I get get some help. I wanted to add music to my pages but don't like the music that piczo offers and I noticed on some of your pages that you have your own music, how did you do that? I know this is not baby care related so I hope I won't get bashed for this.


Hope this helps! - November 30

If you go to "help", on your piczo site, it will tell you about downloading music. You cant download your own music, but you can download music videos. There is a link, if you open the question about downloading music videos.... it should bring you to MusicVideoCodes.com.... you can choose what videos you want, and copy and paste the codes into a html box. You will find the html box if you go to "Tools", then open "controls", and then open "Add HTML".


monca - December 10

I have music videos on my piczo website but it depends on the capacity of peoples computer for them to see the videos. So not everyone is able to listen to my music.


Chelsey - December 10

To my "black self"...~ Just so you know, anyone with a brain would know that you are a troll,(probably my #1 fan!) and I wouldn't be so stupid as to write c___p like you just did. All I can say is ... so glad for registration, so sad for you!


Jbear - December 11

I was messing around to see if I could add music to mine. You have to find a code for it somewhere. I found a site that has some codes. There's a link on the guestbook page of my site www.valerieandsophia.piczo.com It's the link under the box with the music video, that says html provided by. When you get to that site and pick a video you want, you'll see a box with html code in it. Copy the code. Open your piczo page, go to controls and pick "add html". Click edit for the box it gives you, and paste the code you copied in it. IMPORTANT: the viewer fills up the whole box, so you can't see the b___tons to move or edit it. If you need to change it, you'll have to click on the tiny blue b___ton next to Logout. It will put the page in safe mode and you'll be able to move or edit the box. Another thing, some people are looking at your site at work or in the library, and music might keep them from looking at it. (So why did I put it on mine? To see if I could :-)


erin - December 11

red chelsey, maybe there are other chelsey's out there. why would you call her a poser? she didn't say anything nasty, did she?


Chelsey - December 11

Well then Erin, if it's another Chelsey, I apologize to her. However, it doesn't take a genious to see that the second post is an obvious troll. No doubt, the same as the first "black chelsey". And if it isn't the same, they'll let me know.



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