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Lesley - November 20

I have been reading several threads and noticed people is posting links to their sites all over. I was thinking it might be easier if they were all in one thread, so we can see each others and not miss any by mistake.


Lesley - November 20

Mine is www.xXx-Lesley-xXx.piczo.com. The - is supposed to be in there so please don't remove them.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 20

Mine is not a piczo site but you can see my litlte girl at www.amayajayne.com


alycia - November 20

mine is www.ilovejandb.piczo.com


Fabienne - November 20

Ours is: www.NotrePet_teFamille.piczo.com


Mommy - November 20

My little men are on www.zaneandlogan.piczo.com


Amy from MN - November 20

My familys site is vaedamasonaubrey.piczo.com


soleil - November 20



sheree - November 20

my girls r at http://BrandeeRaeStorm.piczo.com. It's not finished thou.


TC - November 20

Mine is pinkbrooklyn.piczo.com. It needs to be updated.


Lesley - November 20

Amaya's mommy - She is gorgeous. Looks all grown up in the picture with the peach?? top on. Ma__sive smiles :-) Alycia your babies are adorable. Wow Fabinne hasn't your baby got big wide eyes! My daughter does too and everyone comments on how lovely they are. Awww mommy 2 little cuties! That tiger picture is the sweetest thing ever! Amy from MN - Who i sthe picture of on the front page of your site? soleil - I don't understand your site, there is loads of people and I have no idea who is who sorry :-(. Sheree, that picture with the 3 of them on is just adorable! They look like little angels bless them!


M - November 20



soleil - November 20

Forgot to mention to just go on the Ariana Gisele page, the other pages are of me and some family & friends.


monica - November 20



Amy from MN - November 20

The 1st pic is my daughter Aubrey, She just turned 8, the little red-headed guy is my 15 month old Mason and the little girl is my daughter Vaeda she will be turning 3 in Jan.. I had typed a bunch and had more pics than whats on there now but the site didn't download them all for some reason. I looked at everyone else's site. Some really cute babies out there!!!


JB - November 20

Mine is www.joedominic.piczo.com. There are also pics of both of my girls too. Lesley - great idea. I keep losing track of whose I have already visited.


Lesley - November 20

To M - how old are you? You look quite young.



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