Pink In Diaper Or Is It Blood

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kellet1247 - January 26

We just had a little girl on Wednesday and now that we are home my milk has come in and feeding well but there is a little pink in the diaper its not everywhere and I only see it when she pees cant tell if it is blood or not I have read that it could be concentrated pee but not all the pee is pink should it be? Is that what it is or is it blood? What should we do?


olivia - January 26

Some baby girls bleed (v____ally) and it is a normal sign that her reproductive system is functioning. The hormone surge from pregnancy and nursing can cause this. I know it is odd to think about but it will go away once her body adjusts. Our pediatrician worded it that you might see some "pink in the diaper" from this. Your pediatrician can confirm this if you are worried, but it is normal! Congratulations on your baby girl!


tish212 - January 26

ok wehad the same thing in the hospital the nurse told me its a baby period...their bodies are getting straightened out with hormones and such and it was just a menstral only lasted 2 days and it stopped... so ur lo is should stop after a day or 2


mjvdec01 - January 26

I would call the pediatrician. My daughter never had that, but I know that blood in the urine CAN be a sign of a bladder infection. I am not familiar with the other causes. It is better to be on the safe side.


mjvdec01 - January 26

I just read the two posts before mine... I never heard that before. Hmm, if I have a girl again this time I'll know.


kellet1247 - January 26

Thanks for the response im a new mom and really worried i think if it doesnt go by monday ill call the doc thanks


sphinx - January 26

I've heard about this. It did not happen with our girls but I have heard of it. I've also heard of baby boys and girls having milk come out of their nipples, also because of preggo hormones.


DB - January 27

Audrey had this too. Completely normal. It was actually one of the common things they told us to look for. Also, for later on, I freaked out when I saw pink again in her diaper and the nurse asked if we had given her tylenol, and I said yes, and she said sometimes it comes out pink in their urine. Just an FYI, because eventually baby will need some tylenol!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 27

My doctor told me its my daughters way of releasing estrogen...said it was normal but we took her to see him anyways. my niece had a bladder infection when she was younger and it was how you described. My daughter just had a spot of blood in her diaper and you could tell it was blood. It was about 3-4 in the morning, called the on call doctor said it was normal and her way of realeasing the pregnancy hormones and then we took her to her doctor that morning



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