Pinkbo0tlace And Pinkbo0tlace

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ash2 - March 6

I hope you are not the same person. I mean at first we thought someone was making up a fake name to be mean to you, but i hope you are not both of them. I would hate to think that you would do that . Im not saying you are, but it is funny how you just " showed up " when the fake Pink was caught. I think you can be really nice, but if you are being both of these to get people mad, then please stop. If not, then im glad you are being the real you.....



ash, you read my mind!


ash2 - March 6

i read your mind forumspyer...i had noticed it before you brought up that who are you ?? lol


forumspyer - March 6

I cannot reveal that Mwhahaaha, actually I came here long ago and just kinda lurk and read (I hate drama so no participating) but like to "correct" things occasionally.... have a most wonderful day.


KLC - March 6 crack me up...are you a PI in real life??? I didn't notice all those things at first. This place is going nuts!!!!


ash2 - March 6

thanks again ! Shame on you pink !! why do you like to stir up drama !


Mellissa - March 6

oooh... this is getting freaky. lol. does anyone else feel like they're being played? remind me of someone from a movie and i just can't seem to put my finger on it... hmm..... :)


Smilefull - March 6

forumspyer you should talk to rl--she's an undercover too


ash2 - March 6

LISTEN !! pinkbo0tlace and Pinkbo0tlace are the same ones !!! She is bored and decided to stir things up...she is the same person....notice the so called real one showed up when the fake one got caught !


mosley12 - March 6

wtf is a forum for MOMS not our children. whoever is doing whatever it takes to stir up trouble..grow up


ash2 - March 6

well the one with the lowercase p is posting in the teen pregnancy


Kara H. - March 6

I have this theory that *some* women who choose to be SAHMs crack under the pressure and lack of regular adult communication. I have seen it time and time again in mommy groups. They physically need drama to cope day to day battle in the trenches of motherhood. I think that might be going on with the multiple pink personalities...


ash2 - March 6

Well i think all 3 pinks are the same...... just bored with nothing to do .


jacksonsmommy - March 6

I am a SAHM and I can see the "going crazy" thing. My suggestion is to try to balance it all. I try to only spend a few minutes at a time on the threads during the day. Plus DS takes up quite a bit of my day. Take care! And try not to go crazy : )


Bonnie - March 6

All I can say is, I have been on this forum for almost 2 years now and no one has ever stalked or impersonated me. I feel insutled! :P


Renea - March 6

Ash--they may very well all 3 be the same. If so, she needs to grow up and quit the drama. She might even be WTF? too.


mosley12 - March 6

lol bonnie...would you like me to give it a go and stalk you?



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