Pinkbootlace I M Confused

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sophandbob - March 7

Ok. I'm getting really confused and a bit worried. there is one pinkbootlace on here who I really like. She's kind and thoughtful and is a great mum who battles on despite a few perosnal problems she's shared on here. Now there is another one who, from what they've posted so far, hasn't come across as quite so nice, which frankly I find a bit disturbing! Should the mods maybe look into who this new pinkbootlace is, because until this whole body image thing kicked off I hadnt noticed that there were two. It sounds like they are trying the get people to turn against the original pink. Will the real pinkbootlace please stand up?!


rl- - March 7

oh the drama of it all LOL!!! sorry sophandbob not picking on you I just find all this so funny but i think the real one has left for good or so one of her threads stated so you may never get your answer!! ( :


Mellissa - March 7

the real pinkbo0tlace posted that she's leaving the forum because someone was trying to start so much trouble using her name. she posted her myspace name in a thread called "my myspace" though.. I'm sure if she doesn't come back on here, you could stay in touch with her if you use myspace.


sophandbob - March 7

Cheers. I've looked back on 2 related threads actually, and there are 3 pinkbootlace log ins - Pinkbo0tlace, pinkb0otlace and pinkbo0tlace. Something fishy happening.


sophandbob - March 7

I need sleep - just looked back to find myspace page as afore mentioned, and have found a whole load of threads going over this already! I don't get how I've missed this, I'm on here every night when little man has gone to bed. I must walk round with my eyes closed half the time!


Jennifer28 - March 7

sophandbob- it is insane. I hope she comes back b/c she is a sweet girl. I just wish it would all be over and done w/ but it seems like there is always some new drama unfolding in this forum. Very sad b/c she has been around for a while.



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