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Emily - March 13

So how did the move go? Not sure when you were going to be settled in and on again. May have to keep bumping this up until you are back. Hoping Gretchen did well with the ride…..


Nita_ - March 13

I sure hope the move went well especially little Gretchen!


Emily - March 14

bump for the day.....


kellens mom - March 14

As I recall, most of their stuff was still in Wyoming. Hopefully the trip cross-country goes easily. We have not tried to drive that far yet with our lo. She will have to tell us how many miles it was. They are going to do a bit of remodeling...I wonder if they will settle in and then do it or if they are going to tackle it right away.


Emily - March 15



Emily - March 16

bumping for today


piratesmermaid - March 16

Hi, ya'll. Well, we left at 3:30 Saturday motning, and hubby drove straight through....18hours, I think just over 1100miles. Gretchen was such a good little trooper though! Everytime we stopped for gas or food, we pulled her out of the carseat changed ger diaper, gave her the b___b and let her stretch and move around a bit. I know travelling with 8month olds wasn't supposed to be that easy! The house was gross with all the dust that had settled while we were gone, so we've been cleaning, unpacking, and doing laundry nonstop it seems, but it's starting to feel more like home again. We still have some unpacking to do, and a bit more organizing and throwing away, but I needed a break! Unfortunately our remodeling plans are going to take a large chunk of $$$, so the major stuff is going to have to be put off for a couple of years. We'll probablt start painting in a few weeks, and once it gets warmer (there is still some snow on the ground here) dh is going to rip out the old chainlink fence and put in a privacy fence, so we're going to focus more on landscaping and making a nice outside area for Gretchen to play.....................Though she's still adapting to the new surroundings. The first few nights were so rough. It's gotten a little better, except the only way she'll nap is if I'm holding her, I guess 'cause it's the only thing familiar at the moment, I mean, she was only 2months old we we left WY for AR, so she doesn't remember this house at all. Anyway, I've got some questions coming up, but for now I need to try to lay Gretchen down so I can get some lunch! ;)


aurorabunny - March 16

Yay! I'm glad everything went well. What kind of repairs do you need to do to the inside of the house? At least you won't have tons of scary tornados to hide from anymore....you lucky girl, moving away and leaving me stuck here in tornado alley without anyone else to be a paranoid psycho with. =)~


piratesmermaid - March 16

Well, the house is over 100yrs old, so general "modernizing" remodeling. We need to replace all the windows (they're gla__s gla__s) and rip out all the old plumping (but it's fine for now) and all the lanolium is nailed down, the old doors with the gla__s doorknobs are drafty, the carpet isn't that old, but we want to refinish the hardwood floor underneath (and actually make the floor LEVEL), the walls are all plaster with old wallpaper over top with paint, so we are eventually going to put up drywall..... I could go on and on... but it's a cute little house with lots of potential, which is why we bought it. It's in historic downtown Laramie, so it was actually a house that was used by all the train/railroad executives back in the wild west transconteniental railroad days.


Emily - March 16

AB, though the magic of the internet she can still be paranoid psycho with you! PM, So glad your move went well. Out of curiosity why was it that you moved in the first place if it was for only six months. If you don’t mind me asking. I know you have probably told someone somewhere, but I forget. Anyway glad it was well and I am sure Gretchen will soon get used to her new surroundings.


piratesmermaid - March 16

My hubby's job. The company he works for has a customer in AR, and he had to go down there until they hired someone else then train him.


Nita_ - March 20

piratesmermaid -i'm glad your drive went well. Gretchen seemed to have done well with the drive eh? Hopefully, she's settled a little bit now in the 'new' home! Wasn't online for a few days, so just catching up to see where you at! :)


piratesmermaid - March 20

Thanks, Nita! According to her ped, it may take up to 6weeks for her to get used to the hose again.


Nita_ - March 20

wow! 6 weeks? hows her sleeping at night? with all the unpackig, cleaning & everything else, you must be beat! {hugs}


piratesmermaid - March 20

Well, she actually sept in her crib for the first time last night. We had to use cio (so sad) and she finally zonked out just after 10. Then she was awake at 2am so I trooped downstairs to give her the b___b and put her back in the crib. Then she was up again at 5am, and I pulled her in bed with us since hubby was getting up in an hour after that.


mcatherine - March 20

Hiya Court - welcome back!! I was gone for a while myself with surgery so sorry I missed your return!! Glad to hear all went well with the move and you are starting to settle in. Poor Gretchen - she'll get comfortable soon and everything will be in order for spring!!! Talk to ya soon. mc


Nita_ - March 20

Oh that's good! When you say 'trooped downstairs' you mean, Gretchen's room is downstairs and your's upstairs? Hmmm I have to get some inspiration from you and start to leave Neha in her crib when she wakes up in the middle of the night. I keep telling my dh that I should do it but never actually get to do it..the thing is, when she wakes up, it's so much easier to just bring her into our bed and pop in the b___b rather than feeding and then rocking her back to sleep and putting her into the crib. I used to be able to fall asleep whenever and whereever, but not anymore! And so I treasure the sleep and rest I get at night!



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