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ry - January 29

Do you guys remember the old play pens? They were like much bigger versions of the pack and play? Do they sell these anymore? I can't seem to find them and the pack and play is kind of small to put baby and toys in to play....


Rabbits07 - January 29

I've seen them at consignment shops and places like the Goodwill. If you find one just make sure to check that it was never recalled and that it's up to all safety standards. I know what you mean about the new pack-n-plays being so small. I can remember when I had my fourth baby we had this big wooden playpen that was huge! It was probably from back in the 70's but it was enormous and STURDY! It had wooden slats instead of the mesh (we checked for safety and it was up to par) I wish I had kept it.... :-(


mcatherine - January 29

Graco has a huge Pack n Play - its like 38x38. I don't know what model it is, but I know it is multi-colored (primary colors)and bugs on it. Thats all I know of...


shelly - January 29

ive been looking for a decent size playpen in the uk [half a room size onw would do me lol] but i can only find the dinky pack and play ones that turn into the cot things.


BriannasMummy - February 3

Hey.. ive seen something on the walmart website that might be helpful for anyone looking for a HUGE playpen. Not sure if this is what you are looking for.. but heres the link in case you want to look. w w ~Kristin~


BriannasMummy - February 3

Make sure you take out the - in product. ~Kristin~


lexa - February 3

I actually still have my large "old school" playpen from when my son was a baby. That was back when they started fading out the large ones and pack and plays started to take over. Im sure glad I kept mine. Maybe, like rabbits said, check local thrift shops/ads/garage or yard sales. Good luck.


bekysu - February 3

You could also buy one of those wooden gate thingies. You know, you can make them into octogon shape. They can work as good as a playpen and you could probably get more use from them even as your child gets older.


SonyaM - February 3

I have one and it is new. I bought it when my first son was birth almost 5 years ago. I love it. I keep it upstairs in the kids gameroom and keep the pack n play downstairs in the living room. I got it at Babies R Us online.


AshleyB - February 3

I wondered why they did away with the older big ones, I guess it's so that you can wheel them through doorways. I wish mine were bigger.


ash2 - February 3

I kick myself everyday in the b___t for selling ours 2 years ago at a yardsale ! I thought " oh the pack-n-plays wil be so much better, well they do consume room , but are not really big enough. I have seen the really big ones that someone was talking about at I think it is more made for daycares.


jennyr - February 4

I got the one that Mcatherine is talking about and I love it. So des my dd. I can put all kinds of stuff in it with her and she still has plenty of room in there. I got it at Target online for only 60.00. Best buy yet!



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