Playtex Nipples

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aliciavr6 - October 8

I use Playtex disposables and so far, we've been using slow flow naturalatch latex nipples. Feeding seems to take SO long (especially at 5am), will take her half an hour to eat since she's eating so much now. Plus she seems to get frustrated with how slow it comes out. I've tried to switch to fast flow nipples, but seems she spits up afterwards! She's 4 months old now, id think she'd have no problem with the fast nipples. ? Anybody have a similar problem? I'm thinking of adding rice cereal to her bottles with fast flow nipples, I know the formula comes out a little slower then.


eclectic66 - October 9

alicia- I just posted the same type of question re: my ds about 2 lines up from yours I My ds is 11 weeks today and I am having the same problem. he takes forever to eat a 5-6 oz bottle and seems to struggle and get tired, but I tried the stage 2 and it seems to go too fast and get all over him instead. I use vent air bottles and they make either slow or fast flow (nothing in between) I think the playtex drop ins have a medium flow nipple (I think I saw it at walmart the other day) I just took my ds off his thicker formula which is made by Enfamil it's called (Enfamil AR) and it's thickened with rice starch for babies that spit up a lot. But since it was thicker I used the stage 2 and it came out perfectly for him. The only reason I took him off it was the cost (approx $28/can). Anyway, I think that might be a good solution for you. Just buy the rice seperatly so it's cheaper :-) GL Hope that helps


c_baer19 - October 9

I saw a medium flow nipple for Playtex Drop-Ins, but it was an orthodontic nipple, not the NaturaLatch or NaturAction or whatever they are.. so they do make some!


aliciavr6 - October 9

I did see those orthodontic ones, but on ebay, i found the old playtex nipples, Natural Action I think they are called. I'm not sure they make them anymore, but they're the funny looking ones ha. My little brother had them ohhh 15 years ago. Anyway, they had like 6 packs of medium flow ones on ebay for $10 so I'll try those. I tried the rice cereal and the fast flow nipple even got clogged and little sweetie was getting so mad. ha. I didn't even put much in!


aliciavr6 - October 9

eclectic, good luck, I was thinking "maybe she'll get used to it" but the more i tried using fast flow, the more she refused them and had a fit ha



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