Playtex Or Avent

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ella431 - December 10

Hey all im trying to decide which brand to try out first! Which one did you like and why?


ella431 - December 10

and im talking about bottles, sorry should have put that in my post :P


ImpatientMommy - December 10

I have like a million Playtex bottles and I just bought 3 Avent bottles to use while I go out. Let me tell you... GET AVENT. The Playtex is fine at first but once your baby starts eating more... there are alllllll sorts of problems that arise. I like the Avent a lot and they can hold A LOT more than your baby will ever eat in one sitting so there will be no problems with making them or them leaking or anything like that.


jenna32 - December 10

my baby is only a week old but so far, i've got the avent,playtex advanced ( someone gave them to me and i got 2 free ones from nestle sample thing) and playtex drop ins. I don't like the playtex advanced ones,i'm not sure if it's just the bottles i have but it's hard to test the temperature because nothing seems to come out and one time i fed her for like a hour or 2 until i realized nothing was coming out ( this was one of the free nestle sample bottles to,unused). Avent seem alright but when i use them she seemed to get more gas. I am useing playtex dropins the most right now, they seem to be working the best so far!


madison - December 10

we've used both kind with our dd and she is 9 months old. we used the playtex drop-ins because she had horrible gas and the liners helped her a lot! we also liked these because there was less clean-up (nice for when you are out or traveling, just bring extra bags with you and you don't have to wash the bottles, just the nipples and rings). but the thing we don't like about the playtex bottles is that they dont make a medium flow nipple and the fast were way too fast for her. so once our dd got older and needed a faster nipple we found it difficult so we started using avent about 2 months ago and the nipple flow is just right for her. we use the #2 avent nipples. i've noticed recently that my dd can take 7 or even 8 oz. of formula in her avent bottle but would only take around 5 with the playtex because she was either sucking too hard with the slow flow nipples and would give in/stop or the milk was leaking everywhere because the nipple flow was too fast w/ the fast flow ones. ANYWAY- sorry- we liked the playtex because it helped her with gas as an infant and was an easy clean-up (but more expensive buying liners) but now that she's older we prefer the avent.


Sandra23 - December 10

Playtex just introduced a medium flow nipple for the drop-ins. I saw it at Babies R Us and was so excited because we use the Playtex drop-ins; however, the slow flow is too slow for my 4 month old and the fast flow is too fast. Problem solved!


c_baer19 - December 10

I love Playtex - I use the Drop-Ins system.


madison - December 10

sandra, are you sure its not the "variable" flow? i looked on the playtex website and they dont have them. i'll look at my babies r us this week- thanks for the update!!!


ella431 - December 10

I heard that the Avent bottles are known to leak out the top while being shaken or fed to baby, anyone know anything about this? I also heard its hard to measure the amount of formula in the playtex drop ins.. is this true? thanks!!


ImpatientMommy - December 10

On the reviews on Babies R' Us' website for the Avent bottles a lot of people said that they leak and an equal amount of people said that it won't leak if you don't screw on the top to tight and so I made sure not to screw it on with all my might and I've never had a problem. When I was washing it I screwed it on really tight and shook it with just water in it and it did leak just to make sure.


britt_m - December 10

We use playtex drop ins. My dd is 6 1/2 months, she does fine with them, definately worth the extra second it takes putting the bag in the bottle than having to deal with a screaming baby from gas! She takes any bottle but mostly plays with them, this is the one I started her on and the one she'll actually drink from(b___stfed).


pregnant76 - December 11

Ella, I personally liked the Avent until I heard that they leak BPA into the milk if the bottle is heated through sterilization or if washed in a dishwasher. The Playtex original nurser drop-ins don't have BPA.


WyattsMommy - December 11

I started out with Playtex. Switched to Dr. Browns, and am now using Advent. My DS had acid reflux, so he got cereal in each bottle. The Advent bottles were the easiest to use with the cereal. And even after he was done with the cereal, I still preferred Advent. I'm pregnant with #2 and plan on using Advent again.


ella431 - December 13

I've heard so many mixed answers on both playtex and avent lol, so I just chose to go with playtex drop ins for now and see how it goes! Hopefully they work out fine


Brendansmom - December 13

I used Avent and they did leak. It was very aggravating. I plan on using the drop ins for this baby.


DDT - December 13

I have used Avent since ds was 1wk old...he is just about 10 months old now. They have NEVER leaked with me. Strange how most of you seem to mention that about them. I like them because they are quick to clean & reasonably priced. The reason why I bought them was because I went with the Avent Isis b___st pump so decided to stay with the same bottles. Ds never had a problem with them. Was never a ga__sy or spit-up baby so I think he would have been easy with whatever bottle. Good luck!


Sandra23 - December 15

madison, yes, I'm positive. What I saw and bought was a medium flow (medio) nipple for the playtex drop-ins. The package is pink and even says "new" on it. I hope you were able to find them at your Babies R Us because they saved us.



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