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Ruthie - December 5

What exactly am I supposed to do with my 4 week old during playtime? He has a gymini thing, which I put him on for a while everyday, but it seems weird because all he can do is lay there and stare at it. What do you all do?


FF - December 5

Hi Ruthie- My son is a little over 4 months old and he is just now starting to really enjoy playtime. At 4 weeks he liked quiet activities like reading, singing, or just looking at a toy or other interesting object. They are just too little then to really get into playing. But just wait, in a couple of months you'll have a cooing, laughing baby who really interacts and plays! Good luck!


Tami - December 5

When my little girl was that young I would play with her by talking to her or reading/singing to her, or I would put her in her bouncer with the music and lights so she could stare at them. At that old there is not much you can do!


Heidi - December 6

Emma is 8 wks old today. Yeah! I'm in the same boat. I just don't know what to really do with her. I put her in her bouncy seat a lot so she can see the lights and bat at the toys. I'll sit with her in my recliner and prop her up against my legs and I file her fingernails for her and she pa__ses right out! She likes to stare at the Xmas tree lights when in my lap so I can eat dinner or watch my shows. I take her to my mom's a lot and we lay her on her blanket on the table and we all sit around and make goofy faces at her or get her to do tummy time. Lots of times I take her shopping with me but then she's asleep the whole time! It's kind of hard. I try to play with little rattles with her but then she just starts staring at the tree again. Ha ha! I'm at a loss!


kate - December 6

my best friend puts her baby in a bouncy seat and takes her wherever she is - sorting laundry, doing dishes, cooking, etc., and just talks and talks to her about what she's doing and stuff. the baby plays a bit with the toys on the bouncer but is mostly enthralled just listening to her mom and watching her.



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