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Mommy - January 28

Hey everyone. Maybe this is a waste of time but could any of you mature adult from here, the infant care section, look at what this woman is saying over there. I just want to show everyone what this "mature grandmother" is saying to us teens. I'm not whining, I find it somewhat amusing. I just want her to maybe see how REAL MATURE WOMEN talk. She is calling herself mummy but you would know who she was even without my telling you. Thanks. P.s. She hasn't been BANNED yet!


me - January 28

Whats the problem? She's asking for some respect from all of the "brats"? Heck, I like a little respect at times too! I seen some of the comments that the teens were making to her, and I think she has replied in a much better manner than others in that forum! I also see that you got yourself involved in a conversation, and weren't too nice about it either. I'm sure I haven't read all the posts from "mummy", but so far they dont seem too bad or disturbing. I'm LMAO b/c most of those teens over on that forum are brats!!!! So now my question to you is why would you come over tot he IC forum and post such a immature thread? what do you want the rest of us to do about it? Tell her off? Sorry, wont do it. If you find her comments somewhat amusing, then whats your point?


me - January 28

I take back what i said!!! I found a post from mummy that was horrible!!! I'm in shock! Sorry Mommy!!! Maybe I will tell her off after all!


Mommy - January 28

It's okay. I justed wanted everyone to see how she claims to be a mature adult yet talks as bad as the others on there, actually worse. It just bothers me because she is claiming to be what most of you on here are and giving actual mature women a bad name.


me - January 28

Just wanted to let you know that I submitted a letter to the editor and administrators of this site regarding "mummy's" behavior. Hopefully she will be removed or banned. I also posted a response in the teen forum under the thread " to mummy". Once again I apologize for not checking further into your concerns before responding so quickly to your post.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - January 28

I was over earlier giving her some abuse! She was saying that girls who m_________e are filty LOL! Bless her eh!


Christy - January 28

I only read a few posts, but like HELLO, it seems like mummy may have an imposter or two. At least that is how it appears to me. I am sure the real mummy isn't the sweetest fruit on the tree, but some of the comments were obviously not hers.


Gina - January 28

Did you see the one where she told a girl she hopes she gets aids and dies?


Mommy - January 28

She needs to register then. I seen her posts and she;s not denying that they are all hers so if she desn't want people trolling as her she should register. THAT IS if she isn't banned yet.


Lisastar9 - January 28

I bad tasted her and somepeople got on Hello's case for no reason but this lady bit*** is another story


Jbear - January 29

I just read a really ugly, racist post by that's a shame that some people seem determined to spread ugliness in the world.


i just - January 29

copied and pasted all of her comments on the to mummy trhead.


TC - January 29

I was reading some of her posts and they are absolutely ridiculous. She keeps on proclaiming her elderly status, yet she writes prolly instead of probably. Some people are just way too bored.


Why - January 29

does it seem that so many people are upset that others have changed sites. what is the big deal? let them leave. sheesh!


Christy - January 29

The thing is, a lot of people didn't leave. They just go to both sites now, so they spend less time on this one. It isn't a big deal. I still like coming here even though I go there as well. :)


Liz P. - January 29

Wow! I read the long thred with that women's comments. She must be a very angry and unhappy person. I feel sorry for her family who has to put up with that personality all the time.


Christy - January 29

Well, after reading the cut-and-pasted comments, I think it is the same person. No offense, but I think it is an adoloscent with too much time on his/her hands, but there is really no way to know for sure. One thing is for sure, s/he definitely has a lot of hateful things to say!



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