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krista-lee - June 29

okay, ALL last night, from 930 until 430 my dd stayed awake literally screaming bloody murder all night. i chaged her even when she wasnt dirty, fed her, burped her, EVERYTHING. she wont stop! during the day shes fine, she'll stay awake and sit in her swing by herself. but when it hits 9 pm she'll scream her lungs out! ive asked the public health nurse and she said its probably because shes warm, but babies DO NOT scream like this because they're a little warm! i tried giving her a little tempra, no good. tried gripewater, and nothing! i dont know whats wrong, no matter what i do (rock her, lay her down, sit her up) she keeps crying!


Narcissus - June 29

How long has this been going on? Is this a one time thing or does she raise hell every night? You poor thing...You must be exhausted!


torbman - June 29

Krista-lee, is she colicy? My second daughter was colicy and we ended up taking her to the chiropracter. It worked awesome. I think it was about 6 adjustments, and she was fine. Just a suggestion if thats what it is. While she is screaming does she pull her legs up to her tummy? I also found that to aleviate some of her tummy cramps I put her on her tummy across my arm wit her head by my elbow and my hand in between her legs. Her arms on either side of my arm and with my other arm I rubbed her back. That worked really well too. If this is what it is then give it a try. Hope this helps. (Tamara)


Annette - June 29

Before I give any stupid advice: How old is she? Any chance it could be teething? Have you tried bathing her before bedtime? What about swaddling? Could it be that she gets overestimulated? When my son gets cranky for no apparent reason, I put him in the bathtub even if he cries more all along and ma__sage him Johnson´s lavender lotion.


Christy - June 29

How old is she?


Mary - June 29

My baby screamed bloody murder for like an hour straight until I realized it was gas.


HannahBaby - June 29

some times babies just do that. My daughter never did but my nephew would have a fit everyday from 2pm until about 6pm when he would do nothing but scream (the type of scream that makes you think that something is wrong) He eventually grew out of it. Good luck


^lucy^ - June 30

my baby was the same, she's 6 weeks now.. everyday since 2 weeks from 5 pm until 9, we'll have nothing except SCREAMS.. nothing is wrong with her.. i posted it in here, and everyone had the same problem as well.. i heard they will change around 3 months :) im still waitting!!


Lindsey - June 30

Hiya, my ds is the same, he's only 2 weeks old but he screams the place down. It's always in the evening when i'm tired and i try everything to soothe him, I know he has colic at the moment so i try to regularly burp him, but I have just accepted that he is fine, try not to get stressed about it as apparently they sense it and it can make it worse. Good luck Krista-lee I'm sure your dd will settle soon,


Tillie - June 30

Krista-Lee, I seem to remember your baby is about 2 weeks old now? My 1-month old was screaming at night too until I put an air conditioner in the bedroom, swaddled her up tight and kept her sleeping next to me. This totally fixed it. Not necessarily right for you, but worth a try!


snugglybugglys - June 30

My DD had colic every night from 11pm till 3 am. The mylecon gas drops helped for her ga__sy tummy. One day the nightly sceaming will just stop. I think my DD stopped at around 2 or 3 months. I can't remember. Good luck!


krista-lee - July 1

shes 3 weeks old, and yup its everynight! its now 6 AM and shes been up since 130 crying. im so frustrated, im starting to think this was a big mistake! i asked the health nurse about the colic situation and she said all you can do is sooth her best you can. but i cant keep doing this 6 hours everynight!


Narcissus - July 1

krista, I am so sorry that you have to deal with such a stressful situation. I bet your blood pressure is reaching it's limit! All I can say is to try to find a book that can help you deal with possible colic and to not a__sume she will stay this way forever. My son cried a lot as well but it was only during his first weeks home. He mellowed out after his 1st month.


Cat - July 3

Reflux? (can have any or all of these signs: constant or sudden crying or colic like symptoms, irritability and pain, poor sleep habits typically with frequent waking, arching their necks and back during or after eating, spitting-up or vomiting, painful and excessive gas, wet burp or frequent hiccups, frequent ear infections or sinus congestion, prefer to be upright, etc.)


Cat - July 3

Here's a couple good sites: and



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