Please Help Cannot But Baby Down At Night

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hmreyna - April 21

Ok, I have a 2 month old and he has always been good about eating in the night and me putting him right back in his bassinet. The past 2 nights he refuses to let me put him down. He will fall asleep on my shoulder then I try to put him down and he screams. I did this twice in 30 min. last night and he just would not let me put him down. When I pick him back up he falls back to sleep. I cannot co-sleep with him b/c I just cannot sleep cause I worry about me smothering him. I have tried that several times and just cannot sleep. What should I do????? Any input would be great!


erikas - April 21

Could be a growth spurt. Babies have them at two months.


K - April 21

My daughter did that. I would suggest not putting him down immediately when it looks like he is asleep. Hold him a couple of minutes longer until he is a little deeper in sleep (for us it is anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes). Lift his arm and if there is any resistance, he probably is not deeply enough asleep yet. If the arm is limp and you let go and it just flops down, then he is probably deep enough to sleep that he won't wake up when you put him down. It works for us.


Beth B - April 21

My ds does this too. He is also two months and did this the first two nights after his two month appointment. I figured it was because of his shots and he had a fever so I basically held him all night. Anyways he still does this during the daytime naps but not at night. I just hold him for 30 to 45 minutes after he falls asleep. when I put him down I keep one hand on his belly and the other hand under his bum for a few minutes to make sure he doesn't stir. Your LO will prob. stop on his own....hopefully. How long has this gone on? I only had a few nights of it. I also can't co-sleep but boy would that make life easier.


Jamie - April 21

I say my daughter's name when I think she's asleep. If her eyelids don't move, she's safe to put down. If she's even slightly awake still, she tries to open her eyes.


hmreyna - April 21

Thank you for all of the input. Tonight I tried everything. I held him until he was completely asleep, I held him on my lap in an upright position and talked to him and he didn't move a muscle. I thought OK he's ready. I put him down and of course he started crying. I just couldn't take it and my husband said we should just let him cry for a bit to see what happens. He fell asleep in about 5 min, and I feel like a horrible mother. I do not believe in letting your little ones cry but on the other hand I feel like we had no other choice. Should I not have done that? I am afraid it will affect him later on. I am a huge worry wort!


JAI - April 22

5 minutes of crying is not long at all, you did the right thing and look it worked. Trust me i hate letting my little guy who is now just under 6 months cry it out, it is so difficult so I give you credit. Hope it all works out for you for the next few nites.


Sarahsmommy - April 22

Ok I am also again letting my LO CIO, but I think you did the right thing. 5 mins is not that long, and lots of people say that time will decrease the more you do it, and then you should be able to put him down with no crying at all.


hmreyna - April 22

Just wanted to let you ladies know that last night when I let him CIO he slept from 10:30-3:30 am! He has never done that before and I am kinda thinking this might be a good thing for the whole family.


ralhun - April 24

Have you tried warming his bed. We had his problem but we warm his bed whilst he is feeding. This way he doesn't notice the body warmth going as you put him down


punkin01 - May 1

another daughter done the same thing at about 2 1/2 months and all i could do was hold her she slept great but when i laid her down in her ba__sinet she woke up within 5 min but we moved her crib to our room ( her room was so far away and her so young) and no problem since she is 6 mo old now it was like she had out grown her ba__sinet


KFish - May 1

I could be gas. Try to burp him before you put him down.



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