Please Help Re 6 Month Old

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susan - November 25

When my son was born, I remember everyone, including books that said life would get so much easier. I would have this happy baby who was starting to explore the world. He is definitely all that, but he has also become sort of a crab! He will sit in his bouncy for a bit in the morning and watch baby einstein while I get ready. Then we head out for the day. My house is being renovated, so I rarely am at home. I must admit I would be out and about anyway because the idea of staying home with a crying baby all day drives me nuts. When he was young we were told to drive him, walk him, whatever, just to make him happy. Well now at 6 months old he will only nap in the car or stoller, sometimes in the swing if I am at home, but not without howling for a bit first. If I happen to be home after his first nap, he will scream when placed in the bouncy and arch his back, will tolerate exersaucer for a few minutes, will play on playmat until he gets frustrated, maybe 10 minutes. The only thing he wants to do is be carried in the Bjourn carrier, which I am doing on and off about 6 hours a day!!!! He is 17pds and starting to really hurt my back. He can not sit up, so he does not like the stoller. Please tell me that I am in a stage with him and once he sits up and crawls it will be better. He seems so frustrated with not be able to do things, I really thought babies at this stage were a bit more mellow that when they were first born. It is starting to really depress me.


Kerry - November 26

Girl i wish I could tell you it will be better and in some cases it will be but now at 8 months my girl is a tear she crawls and is now trying to walk and is in to EVERYTHING!!! I am constantly chasing her but its a great work out you just have to start breaking some of the bad habits now before it gets worse I never carried my baby alot she was always more independent right from the start. Try and encourage him to play by himself while your near. Good luck the fun is just begining.


Ashley - November 26

My daughter is 7 months now and she rarely naps during the day and just needs constant entertainment. So, not to depress you even more, but I think the older they get the more entertainment and stimulation they need. I think you just need to try and enjoy it although I know it can get frustrating. Just a suggestion, I have a huge mat on my floor where I play with my daughter during the day, you should try sitting with him on the floor and playing with him with his toys. This could be fun for the both of you. It will also teach him how to sit up on his own, learn to crawl, etc. Hope I was of any help, keep us posted.



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