Please Help What To Feed And How Much To Feed At 6 Months

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HollyW - February 11

I was just wondering how any of you moms out there feed or have fed your six month olds. My ped said I only need to feed my baby 2 (jar) feedings a day for this age. I'm feeding her stage 2 foods. I usually give her some kind of cereal or oatmeal in the morning and then just an 8 oz bottle for lunch then for dinner either a whole stage 2 fruit or veggie (usually alternate day by day) and some juice, then an 8 oz bottle before bed. Should I be giving her fruits and veggies both in the same day and does anyone think just one jar is filling her up (per meal)? I'm worried I dont' give her enough.


DeeJay - February 12

I am wondering this also. My dd is 5 1/2 mo. old and I feed her 7 oz formula and 3 tbs cereal for breakfast. Then 8 oz formula and 1/2 jar veggies for lunch, 7 oz formula and 3 tbs cereal for dinner (athough I am going to switch that to fruits 1/2 jar tonight) and 8 oz formula for before bedtime. I am also wondering if this is enough, she seems full and is ok on her weight. I want to ask doc when she can start having juice. Also when to stop bottles at every feeding and just do solids.


jwhite - February 12

I feed my dd oatmeal and fruit of stage 1 in the morning, then she gets a bottle, another bottle for her next feedings and at 6 or 6:30 she gets oatmeal and a jar of veggie then at 7:30 she gets her nighttime bottle.


Mellissa - February 12

ds usually nurses around 6 am, eats cereal sometime around 9, nurses again around 12, jarred food (veggies or fruit- stage 2) around 2, nurses again around 6 (and eats a little jarred food ), and nurses again around 9 pm.he doesn't usually eat a whole jar of food in one sitting, but i think that's just because he gets preoccupied with other things (i feed him in his walker right now, so he's always wandering off before we finish the jar)


Rhiannon - February 12

I'm just starting mine out very small. The AAP suggests that b___st or bottle feeding be the main source of nutrition for the first year and solids are just to give them a taste of different things. So at 6 months I am giving them one feeding of rice cereal at night and one veggie during the day. I will increase it at about 7 months.


Angiconda - February 12

Ds uaually eats 4oz when he gets up then he eats about 4-5tsp of cereal with fruit and then 6-8oz in the afternoon and a stage 2 fruit and veggie for dinner then sometimes he will eat another 4oz before bed. I know my pedi gave me a list of table foods they can have not but i'm scared lol. I tried mashed potatoes and he wasn't to fond of the texture so I think I might wait awhile longer on that. Some of the other things on the sheet were mashed banannas or small slices, graham crackers dry toast soft cooked verggies, cooked cereals, yougurt, vanilla Ice ceram, apple sauce, cheerios and cottage cheese. Some of those just scare me I am paranoid I think I will hold off a bit longer


Shannah - February 12

my guy is 6 months and i do rice cereal and veggie for breakfast and a bottle and then at lunch a 8oz bottle and dinner veggie and fruit and an 8 oz. bottle before bed at 7:30 some water/juice during the day


LollyM - February 13

Oh gee, I only give my 6 month old one solid a day! She ways 15 1/2 pounds... I hope she's getting enough! I b___st feed her all day and then give her sweet potato, green bean or banana for dinner. MIL told me about a woman who gave her kids nothing but b___st milk for the first three years of their life! I'm still not sure if I believe that though... wouldn't they have gotten scurvy or some kind of vitamin deficiency?


HollyW - February 13

Thank you everyone for your input. I must be on the right track cuz I'm pretty much doing what you all are doing. LollyM-b___st milk for 3 years??!! I hope that's not a true one-that baby probably wouldn't look to good!!


AnytimeLittleone - February 13

My 6 month dd eats an 8oz bottle for breakfast... 4oz formula and 3/4 Jar for lunch... 8oz bottle at 2pm, 4oz formula and 3/4-1 jar of stage 2 dinner (beef and veg is her favourite!), and then 8oz formula before bed. Hope this helps!


LollyM - February 13

I know, it just sounds so ridicules doesn't it! Apparently mil knew the woman... I just think that those kids would want to try other foods, you know what I mean? dd id 6 months old and she always tries to eat my food!



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