Please Help He Is Sucking His Thumb

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Deirdra - March 1

ok So this is not something i want....hes never done it until yesterday....he is almost 5 months old! me and dh believe you can take away a pacifier but not a thumb! so how can i break this habbit while its new...ill bput him down with his binki or h__l be polaying with it in and he will psit it out and start to suck his thumb...when i see it i take his thumb out and put back the binky but he doesnt want it! i dont know what to do...


Emily - March 1

I am not sure it is always the way it is, but in our family, thumb suckers always gave up thumb on thier own long before the ones with paci did. The only thin gI can think of is to do what you are doing. Also you can put something on the thumb to make them taste bad, but with your ds beoing so small, I am not sure I would. Good luck


Erynn21 - March 1

It doesn't necessarily mean it's a permanent thing, my dd did it all the time around 3.5 months, it was from her teething it made her feel better. She does it once in awhile now and she's 5.5 months, it may pa__s, be patient. If it doesn't it really isn't the end of the world, and yes you can take away a pacifier, but many don't like it. That's why you see 4 year olds sucking on them, gross.


AnytimeLittleone - March 1

Deirdra.. are you sure hes sucking and not chewing? My dd does this.. will gnaw on her thumb because of teething. Now and then she will suck, but when I see that, I take her thumb out of her mouth, look her in the eye, and say NO. She seems to get the point. Shes 7 months though, so I dont know if your son would understand the No thing yet...


Lisastar9 - March 1

Haha I see a bear at the bottom of the webpage advis____nts saing thumb sucking help. With that said there is nothing to worry about I am sure he woould grow out of it before he hit 18 years . Syeven used to suck his thumb too at the same age and he only does it once in a blue moom.


LisaB - March 1

Although it is not something you want it is something you ds wants. I have thumb sucker as well and it is what it is. In the big c=scheme of things its not a big deal hes not gonna do it forever it is self soothing and helps calm your lo so why take that away? Also it could come and go as my ds does it more when hes teething or ill. I am all for letting them self sooth if they feel better I'm happy even if the gross wet thumb grosses me out.


sahmof3 - March 1

I agree with LisaB. It won't affect their teeth (being crooked) either, so no worries there.


HannahBaby - March 1

This happened with my daughter at 3 months. One day she just spit out her paci and stuck her thumb in there, shes 2 now and still an avid thumb sucker. Her Ped said as long as shes broken by the time her adult teeth come in she will be fine.....Its how she soothes herself, and at 2, im not ready to take that away from her. Plus, i always thought thumbs looked way better than a paci


Bonnie - March 1

I don;t know the answer. Unlike the others, I experienced the opposite with my step son. He did not come to me until the age of 5 so I have no idea what he was liek as a baby. But he did not stop sucking his thumb until the age of TEN! We tried everything in the world to break it. He finally stopped when the kids at school REALLY started giving him a hard time. It was nuts. I really don't know why some kids do that. I think it is the more normal for them to just stop on their own.


piratesmermaid - March 1

Gretchen's almost 8months old and she's been chewing on her thumb for a couple months now because of teething. We stopped giving her a pacifier at around a month old, she refused it. And the thumb thing is pretty new. If it continues past teething, when she's old enough we'll do the stuff that makes it taste bad, but I don't think it's a big deal right now, so long as it doesn't last too long, like no longer than 18months is my personal opinion.



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