Please Help I Found A Lump In My Breast

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amybaby2 - January 28

I was wondering if anyone had experienced this. I stopped b/fing my son a little over a month ago...yesterday in the shower i found a lump. I made a dr appt for thursday, to get it checked out, but i was hoping to get responce before then. has anyone had a lump/lumps after weaning? I hope it is just some milk left over that has to be reabsorbed...please help!!


friendtilthend - January 28

Hello there Amybaby2. I have a 6 mnth old baby boy but I also have a 10 yr old and when I weaned him I too noticed lumps. I went to the dr and she said it was normal. I guess it is something they don't tell you about nursing. Hang in there I am sure you'll be fine. I know it's hard I freaked out too. Good luck


yogi - January 28

go to your dr.pleaaaaaaaaaase


sphinx - January 28

it is normal but I have heard horror stories about women to let it go because it was "normal" and it was actually cancer. Probably nothing but you are much better off getting checked. If it is early cancer the chances of full recovery are much better,


amybaby2 - January 29

thanks friend! i think that is the only thing helping me not freek out...i am just telling myself it is left overs from b/fing. it would be nice if they told you dr is a man, and probably doesnt even cross his mind!! i will let you know after my appt thursday!! thanks all


jodie - January 29

Hey amy! I can't help you with any experiences or anything but good luck at your apt and let us know what the doc says!!!


chocomama - January 31

My sister in law and me had babies 3 weeks apart and after she stopped b___stfeeding she had lumps in her b___st but it was just clogged milkducts due to her stopping b___stfeeding. I wouldn't worry


amybaby2 - January 31

just an update...i saw my dr today. he said he isnt worried, because the way it feels, he thinks it is a cyst. he is still sending me for a sono/mamogram...not sure if that is a regular mamogram, or something different, but i will keep you all updated!!! thanks for your input!!


amybaby2 - February 12

so, my dr called and said the report says everything is normal, i just have dence (sp?) b___st tissue...he wants to see me in a month, and i guess will check it for any changes. if there is any question he will send me to the surgion right away.



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