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Me - October 14

Last night my hubby went psycho on me, he was drunk or on something because he sure wasnt acting normal. Since he was making a lot of noise i locked me and my baby in the room together, he wanted to come in but i didnt let him in so he kicked opened the door and broke the door and door frame, I was really upset and he wanted to hold my baby but i didnt let me, i dont know he was crying and crying, sayin that he'd rather die. I couldnt get out the house so i locked myself in another room and fell asleep. Well this morning i took my baby to the babysitter and now im at work. I want to know what to do, i dont have anywhere to go, and i dont plan on going back home and so i have all my clothes and most of my babys in the car. Can anyone tell me if they know of those places where woman can go with their children, I dont know what they are called? And like what can i expect, do i pay anything? Meanwhile my friend is letting me stay with her this whole weekend,,,


BBK ® © - October 14

Oh my! First off, if this happens ever again, call the cops. Not saying your hubby is a bad guy, but if he's not well he can be a danger to both of you. Here are some numbers (most of the time you don't pay): National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (800) 537-2238 - Division of Violence Prevention Center for Disease Control and Prevention (404) 488-4646 - National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (303) 839-1852 - National Inst_tute for Violence Prevention (508) 833-0731 - Resource Center on Child Protection and Custody - (800) 527-3223


been there - October 15

also, look into the local alanon chapter. it is a support group for family members of alcholics and drug addicts. they have a lot of resources that are available in your community. get ahold of your local police department for the location of the nearest woman's shelter. DO NOT GO BACK HOME WITH HIM UNTIL HE GETS HELP! i made this mistake with my first husband, and he almost killed me. no matter how much he says he loves you, if he scares you, its dangerous. good luck girl, and stay strong.


kate - October 15

well what state do u live in, ill try to find a shelter or something like that for u to live.. i hope u get out before anything really gets BAD (and it wil) i hope not though. give me some info and ill do what i can do good luck my prayers are with u


Me - October 15

Alexandria, VA


Jbear - October 16

I found this by doing a search on alexandria va shelters... To find a Local Shelter please call The Alexandria Community Shelter at 703-838-4239 or The Office of Community Services at 703-838-0901 weekdays from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. The idea about asking the police station is a good one too. You should call your husband to check on him too, don't tell him where you are, just make sure he's all right. It might not be drugs or alcohol, my dad had a nervous breakdown when I was a kid and it was a situation similar to what you've described, very scary, but he needed medical care until he was past it, and then medication ever since.



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