Please Help She Has A Cold

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yogi - November 29

my 6 month old ahs been having a cold for the last 5 days and now for the last 2 days she is coughing bad. i took her to the ped and he prescribed some antibiotic and some cough drops but i dont really want to give her antibiotic. please tall me what to do do you know any remedies or what did you do when your lo had the cold.please help me it breaks my heart seeing her like this


KristinTone - November 29

Why not give her the antibiotic? Honestly it can't hurt. My 4 month old has had a cold too raspy and coughing I took her to the ped and he just reccomended tylonol and to elevate her head while she sleeps. I also bought a humidifier I have been told they help. Good luck! Hope she gets well son


starlight_94 - November 29

My ds also had a cold a month ago...I was told no antibiotics b/c they can become immune to them if gven to often to a person. I gave him baby motring and LOTS of pedialite to keep him hydrated. He had very bad diahrrea but no fever, It took about 10 days for it to go away, but he is fine and I m sure she will be also....Just remember we cant protect them from everything all the time....Humidifiers work wonders!!!


rohan - November 30

Hold on! If it is a upper respiratory viral infection - one doesn't need antibiotics - tylenol helps with the fever, and humidifier and saline solution nose drops help with the stuffiness and throat soreness. But, if it is a bacterial infection the baby needs the antibiotics. It is difficult to tell the difference in the beginning - physicians generally do a swab test. But, at the later stages they can usually tell the difference by looking into the throats. I would ask the doctor if your lo has bacterial infection or viral before deciding on the antibiotics. Bacterial infections can get really bad.


yogi - November 30

thanks girls ,shuold the humidifire be cool mist or warm,and she coughs bad what can i do about that


KimS - November 30

yogi, it is recommended to use a cool mist. Yes giving antibiotics too often is bad but if your lo needs them... then give them! my ds had croup at 7 months and now at 9.5 months has his 4 cold in 2.5 months, they think there is a little pocket of infection that has not cleared on its own and keeps getting him sick again and again.. it's heartbreaking, and if you can avoid 4 more colds do it!!! also for the cough not a lot you can do, elevate the mattress and keep an eye out for a croupy cough, which is like a seal barking, this is serious and there are often breathing problems with croup.. good luck and hope your lo is feeling better soon!


wailing - December 3

I agree about the anitbiotics. Find out from ur Dr. if it's viral or bacterial. Most normal Rhino colds are just viruses and the antibiotics won't do anyting to help. Antibiotics do not kill viruses. I'm an Immunology graduate so I'm SURE of that. That's why we have vaccines for viruses. But, if it's bacterial then u should def take the antibiotic b/c like someone said, they can get very bad. They say to use cool mist b/c they are safer to use since there is no heating element a child can be burned on. But, make sure w/ the cold ones you clean them at least once a week. They can harbor tons of bacteria that get into the air. Or if u have one w/ a filter make sure to change the filter as needed.



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