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Julie - November 11

OK I have tried everything and cannot get my son to sleep in his bassinet, bouncy chair, swing, etc. During the day he will nap on and off but once my hubby feeds him at 10pm and lays him down he is back up and wants to sleep on me. I do not want to co-sleep because I am worried we will smother him. His bassinet is right next to our bed and as soon as he falls asleep I put him in there and he just wakes back up. This goes on all night long. He is almost 4 wks and I can't get any sleep. He only wants to sleep cradled in my arms or on my chest. I have tried it all any advice would be good. Thanks.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 11

I did this for 5 weeks Julie. I was a walking zombie. I never want to feel that way again. Lucas refused to sleep in his crib, but hold him and would sleep all day. I gave in at 6 weeks by letting him sleep with me. I had to go back to work and needed some sleep badly. Gradually within the last 4 weeks or so, he is 12 weeks, he will finally nap in his swing. It took that long though. He gets up to eat only once now but still sleeps with me. He is a really restless sleeper and is up and down all night and it is just easier for me to have him next to me. And just this past week or two he will nap for some time in his crib. I hope it goes faster than that for you, but my advice is to keep trying the swing. It eventually worked for me. Good luck! I know how hard it is.


d - November 11

When he falls asleep in your arms wait about 10-minutes more and when he falls into a deep sleep then put him the crib. I had the same problem too the first 2 months. I hum the tuneTwinkle twinkle over and over till he sleeps. I continue to hum after placing him in the crib, so he knows I'm still there. I would put cla__sical / soft sleeping music during the day only so that it will continue to relax him. At night I'd hum to him and pat his back in my arms walking around and then when he fell a sleep I continue humming as I put him in the crib but then eventually I would stop and just pat him on the back for a while and then stop and wait to see what he would do. As soon as he cried I'd pick him up hug him sing again .....but then back in the crib and continue patting. Its a lot of work. He just wants to feel safe and have your comfort. Something that will take awhile to learn to like the crib instead of parent arms.


d - November 11

I agree the swing also helps. I started using it as he got older because he was getting heavier too and my back hurt to move around for him to sleep. I think motion helps to sleep too. When he falls asleep in the swing, I take him out and put him in the crib because I don't think its good for his posture.


C - November 11

The first 6 weeks I slept on the couch with my son on my chest. I'd put him down in his ba__sinet and he would cry. I still attempted to put him down everytime. All of a sudden one day at about 6 weeks he slept through the night and has done so ever since. I think the crib mattress is also more comfortable for him than the ba__sinet. My son became a much sounder sleeper after 6 weeks. I would never put him next to me because I was also afraid one of us would roll over on him.


Jbear - November 12

Have you tried swaddling him? I did that with my daughter for the first couple of weeks because she wouldn't sleep otherwise. She always kicked her way out of the blanket, and then she would cry because she was unwrapped, so I ended up getting one of those blankets with the velcro. It worked great, and after a few weeks she was content to sleep in her ba__sinette, even without being swaddled.


jorden - November 12

my son was the same way...but i ended up putting him on his side on a wedge. He would do a wake up/scared thing and his arms would shake and so then i ended up putting him on his side on a wedge. He just likes being smushed in your arms and likes the comfort. Maybe he feels to open in the my son. He likes being held and smushed. I have that prob now...he wont go to the crib because its too yeah...hope it helps...good luck



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