Please Help With Formula And Solids

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Susan - December 15

I have been br___tfeeding for 6 months and started supplementing with Good Start, which my son will eat but is not overexcited about it. Can I just try another one cause I tasted it compared to Infamil Soy, which was much better. Can you mix them? Also I just tried cereal and he cried. He likes sweet potatoes and squash, but would not eat them after he tried the cereal. If they absolutely will not eat something do you just stick with what they like? I know he has to eat cereal, but what if he won't? Thanks.


Kris10 - December 15

I don't know much about mixing formula.. but I heard somewhere that it takes 5 or 6 tries before a baby may like the taste of something. That was the case with my son anyway. It was so frustrating in the beginning.. but keep giving it to him so he gets used to it. It's all new and so different to him.


ms12 - December 15

a baby may take as many as10 tries to get the hang of a new food its not good to mix formula just switch gradually


tiffani - December 15

Be a rebel Susan, break the rules. You'll probably get an array of responses on this one, take them all with a grain of salt and do what you feel comfortable with. With my kids, when I switched them over from b___stfeeding to formula (around 4 months) I used all 3 major formula brands, Enfamil, Similac, and my personal favorite, Nestle Good Start (seemed easiest on my kids tummies, they were much less ga__sy). I had received so many samples from the formula companies and the hospital that I hated to waste it. Anyways, I switched formulas and mixed formulas and my kids were NOT adversely affected in anyway. I don't think they even knew when I switched formulas. As far as the cereal, again feel free to break the rules. Neither of my kids liked rice cereal at all. They both loved Oatmeal (especially the one flavored with bananas) so that's what we fed them. Your son seems like he's afraid that the spoon is loaded with yucky rice cereal and not his beloved sweet potatoes and squash. What I would do if I were you is gently force the foods you know he likes into his mouth so he realizes that it's not the yucky stuff. If he doesn't like a particular food, you can always try again at a later date. They say it can take up to 10 tries to get a kid like a specific food. Now, after i've said all this, if you or your son's father has food allergies, that's a whole other story, you have to be much more careful, but if not, do as you please. Hope this was helpful. :o)


Narcissus - December 16

I never heard a rule that babies have to eat cereal. Its recommended as a good starter food but so are a few other things, like apples, pears, and I think peas. I also use the oatmeal that tiffani described. I mash fresh banana in it and it becomes naturally sweet.


Narcissus - December 16

Also, I mixed formulas as well, just make sure the base is the same (soy, milk). You can offset cost this way. Some babies can switch formulas without issue, every day. Others cannot. You will find out only if you try it.


Toya - December 16

After 6 months of b___stfeeding I went to Nestle Good Start. My DD didn't care too much for cereal, but loves squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, and all of the other fruits and veggies...her pediatrician said she just needs one serving of cereal per day and the other 2 servings should be a fruit and a vegetable.


C - December 16

My son did not like rice cereal but he loves oatmeal. I always give him a little oatmeal and some fruit or veggie on the same spoon. My son is now 8 months and they say you need to introduce protein. I am struggling with this one. He doesn't really like yogurt or the canned meats. Also, the canned meats make me want to vommit. I also read I can give him tofu. Has anyone ever tried this? Did you mix it with other foods? Serve it warm or cold? Otherwise, at what age can I give him "real" meat (in general).


kate - December 17

agreed - the cereal is no big deal. we skipped it altogether.



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