Please Please We Need As Many Prayers As Possible

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flower.momma - February 10

My best-friend's baby is in the ICU with a serious RSV infection. He is only 3-months-old and is currently on life support. I guess his prognosis isn't that great. They aren't even telling my friend anything. Please pray for sweet little Louis Cecille. He is such a tiny guy, and his lungs are failing. For those of you with faith, please tell everyone you know to do the same. My heart is breaking for her tiny boy. Please pray to give her strength. Her name is Anna. She has been through so much lately. Her grandma died the same day her sweet boy was hospitalized. Pray for a miracle.


SonyaM - February 10

OMG, poor thing. Her and her son are in my prayers. I can't even imagine how scary that would be. Miracles happen every day, you let her know that. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}


Lisastar9 - February 10

A w w w so sorry to hear the bad news one death in the family is enough. Yes I will pray.


sahmof3 - February 10

Oh no! I am praying for her and her baby!!! These poor little kids that get sick... it's awful!!!!


ash2 - February 10

I will say a prayer also


krnj - February 10

That's horrible, I will say a prayer for them.


3babies - February 10

I'll pray ... poor baby, poor mum...


luviduvi - February 10

they are in my thoughts and prayers.......


flower.momma - February 10

Thank you ladies. I am so sad because we have fallen out of touch. She didn't come to the hospital when I had my son and I was so hurt by that. Then for the past week or so she has been calling me a lot and I wasn't returning her calls. i could have been there for her, and I wasn't. Louis has already received a blood transfusion and she is so scared for him. I am going up to the hospital tomorrow morning to see him and I will let you knwo how she is. Thanks again.


mosley12 - February 10

im definately praying for her and her baby. miracles do happen. i saw a bunch of babies who looked like there was no way they could survive while ds was in NICU, and thrived. one was born at 27 weeks, weighing 1.8 lbs and had ma__sive brain swelling, but went home a few days before ds at 9 weeks old weighing 7 lbs or so, with a prognosis of having slight mental delays, but otherwise healthy life, so make sure you tell her not to give up and to keep the faith


Lisastar9 - February 10

Don't beat your self up for not being in touch with her . You are there for her now and she knows it.


srigles - February 11

Definitely they will have our prayers. Keep us posted.


BaileysMummy - February 11

I'm so sorry to hear that. I will keep them both in my prayers. Babies are alot stronger than we think they are, my ds had open heart surgery at 3 wks old and fought 2 infections before he was 3 months old...I hope this little guy has the same stength my ds had. Do not feel bad for not being in touch, the most important thing is you are there for her now. Best wishes to you all.


^lucy^ - February 11

im so sorry for her and her baby :( i'll keep her in my prayers definately


jillianT - February 11

poor sick little baby. it breaks my heart to hear about tiny babies who aren't well and makes me thank god that both of my kids are happy and healthy. i will definately pray for him and his family. don't beat yourself up FM. you are doing what you can to support her right now. if it would make you feel better, just apologize for losing touch and concentrate on helping her however you can.


Rabbits07 - February 11

A lady in our church had requested prayer about a month ago for he nephew's baby that was born right before Christmas. That baby was hospitalized for RSV as well and was really bad off. She started a prayer chain and he fully recovered. Prayers work wonders. Just wondering...does the baby have other problems? You mentioned he had to have a blood transfusion and I didn't know if he had other problems as I've never heard of that helping with RSV.


KLC - February 11

Prayers for this sweet baby and his family.



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