Please Pray For My Husband

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CassJ - February 9

My husband lost his job in Dec. and has been looking for a job since then. I am a stay at home mom. Talk about broke! We have no phone, TV, and I had to sell my car! He had his second job interview today for a really good job. PLEASE pray that he gets this job. Thanks! Cassandra


KLC - February 9

Saying a prayer for you and your husband!!!


BaileysMummy - February 9

Sorry to hear things are tough at the moment. I wish your husband luck with finding another job.


luviduvi - February 9

Oh Ca__sJ, I hate to hear you are going through hard times. I do pray for your hubby. My grandma used to say "money always has a way of working itself out" I am sure it will for you.


sahmof3 - February 9

Wow... that is a scary situation! You are in my prayers!!!


Emmie - February 10

I know the feeling-my husband has been out of a job since the end of november and still no hope. I babysit in my home but that is about it. Good luck to your husband.


vonzo - February 10

Good luck Ca__sJ, i know what it's like to be VERY skint. Luckily a job turned up for me just in the nick of time, and when i got that one i was phoned about another few too. I'll keep everything crossed for you both!


Rabbits07 - February 10

We've been through tough times before and God has always made a way....He will for you as well.


shelly - February 10

god luck ca__s, i hope he gets the job, when will you find out.


ash2 - February 10

God will bring you through this ...have faith : )


disneymommy79 - February 10

Ca__s, I hope everything went well. My husband got laid off right after we got pg which was totally planned and then a few months after he lost his job. I know how scary it is. I said a prayer for your family.


Ca__sJ - February 10

Thanks everybody for your support! My dh should find out Mon. or Tue. if he gets the job and I might be able to start watching another baby during the day for money. I will let update you all when I find out! Thank you for the prayers! It really makes me feel better.



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