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Mom - January 19

Please read, sign and pass on! (Take out any dashes in the web address),,2-2006020573,00.html (Said UK only, but please sign anyhow!)


Mom - January 19

These people deserve worse, at least help make sure they stay locked up! Write letters as well. Thanks in advance.


Lisastar9 - January 19

Sorry tried three times having problems opening the weblink.


Mom - January 19

(The Story) Justice? God help us Lives shattered ... brave mum and girl, their ID protected By JAMES CLENCH The tormented mother of a baby raped by two monsters last night blasted the “joke” sentences given to the pair by a judge. She said Alan Webster and his girlfriend Tanya French should serve at least 25 years for their stomach-churning attacks on the 12-week-old girl. And she sent a hard-hitting message to law-makers as she courageously revealed she is suffering “deep trauma” over the crimes. Twisted ... rapist Alan Webster Webster, 40, who raped the mite four times with the help of French, will serve just SIX years. His 19-year-old girlfriend was sent to a young offenders inst_tution for five years but could be out in 2½. In a powerful and moving interview, the mum told The Sun: “The crime broke my heart — and the judge broke my spirit. If that’s British justice, then God help us all.” The mother bravely bared her soul as The Sun launched a pet_tion urging Attorney General Lord Goldsmith to refer the case to the Appeal Court, which could increase the sentences. Her voice trembled with emotion as she said: This judge has given paedophiles the green light to rape babies. Any pervert will now think he can carry out his disgusting fantasies and escape having the book thrown at him. What mother in the world could possibly deal with what I’ve gone through? Depraved Webster and his lover French — who admitted one count of rape — also s_xually a__saulted the infant repeatedly. They took photos and made videos of their attacks while babysitting the child. But though St Albans Crown Court judge Findlay Baker gave Webster “life” last week, he set a tariff of only six years. Hours later, angry protesters led by the Phoenix Survivors support group for child abuse victims urged the Attorney General to review the case. Lord Goldsmith has 28 days to decide whether to refer the Hertfordshire case to the Appeal Court. Evil ally ... Tanya French The baby’s mum, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: “I want every Sun reader to sign its pet_tion and send it off to Lord Goldsmith. Just imagine if your baby son, daughter, grandson or granddaugher had been raped. “I pray enough people will sign up to put pressure on the Government to sort out this travesty.” Legal sources said they had expected an 18-year tariff for Webster. The mum told of the sickening depths to which Webster and French sunk — and spoke about the shocking emotional impact on her and her daughter, now two. She said: I can’t think about what these animals did to my beautiful baby without breaking down in tears. French actually fed her with a bottle while Webster s_xually a__saulted her — and they took PHOTOS while doing this. Feeding a baby forms a special bond between a mother and child. How could they turn that into a s_xual act to get their kicks? I feel sick every time I think about it. How could anyone do that to a 12-week-old mite? Webster had a list of 25 s_xual fantasies that he wanted to carry out on babies and committed some of them on my daughter. I find it impossible to sleep at night with that knowledge trapped inside my head. I want him and French to suffer for what they did and to my mind they should never be let out. Tariff ... Findlay Baker They’re a danger to kids. At the very least they should be serving 25 years each. When you plead guilty to rape in a case involving a baby of 12 weeks, the judge should pa__s the severest sentence possible. I understood Webster would serve three life sentences. But because of the tariffs, the fact they all run concurrently and the time he has already served on remand, he can appeal for parole in less than six years. And the sentence French received was a joke. She should have been given life for what she did. She was charged with raping my baby and pleaded guilty to raping my baby. How is it possible she could be out in 2½ years? For the judge to say she was led on is beyond my understanding. I don’t know what planet he was on when he sentenced the pair of them. I hope he lies awake at night thinking about how he let me and my baby down. It’s an insult to her, to me and to the law-abiding British public. How bad does a crime have to be before someone sentenced to life actually serves a proper life sentence? The judge has given every sicko in the country a charter to do what they want with young children and babies. My whole family was in complete shock at the verdict and still can’t get over it. The fiends carried out their attacks after French was recommended as a babysitter to the mum by a mutual pal. The mum became close to French over the following months and trusted the teenager. But her world fell apart when cops from paedophile probe Operation Ore knocked at her door. They had discovered that Webster had downloaded 7,000 disgusting internet images. They broke the news about suspected abuse of her baby in Webster’s home and named her pal French as a second suspect. The combination of the betrayal, rapes and lack of justice left the mum reeling. She said: I’m like a volcano about to erupt at any minute. I keep trying to get my head around what happened to my daughter but it’s impossible. Sometimes I lash out in anger but I also retreat into myself for long periods. I feel like I’m still in very deep trauma. I will never get over the moment the police told me my baby had been raped and my friend was suspected. I felt complete disbelief and was close to collapsing. How on earth can you cope with something like that? People say time is a good healer. But French could be out in 2½ years getting on with her life. My daughter’s life has been stained before it has even begun. To say that I feel complete revulsion towards Webster and French is an understatement. What they did is on a par with murdering a child and they haven’t shown an ounce of remorse. A longer sentence would have helped me come to terms with what happened. No one can understand what I’ve been through, apart from the few unfortunate families who have suffered a similarly terrible experience. My family was happy before but I don’t know if we’ll ever be happy again. Psychologists told me there is a more than evens chance my daughter will be affected. Only time will tell. The crunch will come when she reaches s_xual maturity as she may find it difficult to form close relationships. Already you can see her shying away from any men she comes into contact with. The mum is in the process of changing her ident_ty and moving towns to start afresh. Her father, the tot’s grandad, is demanding a meeting with Tony Blair to debate the sentences.


Mom - January 19

That's strange, they work for me. Did you take out the dashes--just double checking.


Mommy - January 19

I honestly think that's what's so messed up about our society today. Everywhere, things like this happen yet justice is yet to be seen. Only in this world, day and age can a person get away with something this sick. I think the government in most places is seriously lacking something. 6 years is nothing. I hate the way things go for criminals. They can get away with raping infants but if you take a gun to their head (justly deserved) you go to prison for murder. I feel so sorry for the family and the little girl. I can truthfully say that if that was my kids or siblings or neices or nephews there would not be any trial to worry about because I would kill them myself. I hope when the guy goes to prison he gets a__s raped repeatedly and beat to death. And the girl deserves the same. Anyone who can commit such acts on an infant or child deserves to burn in Hell for all eternity.


The real Lissi - January 19

I signed it. I feel physical pain just thinking about what those b___ds did! I hope someone gets them on the inside!


Mom - January 19

I totally agree with all of what you wrote, 100%. Please help pa__s it around, maybe (I pray), it will make a difference.


Channy - January 19

I'm sorry, tried opening the web but doesn't work and i took the dashes out, still doesnt work.


Lillie E - January 20

these people are sick. they will be s_xually tortured in prison, because many people in prison will think the same way as i do. both of them should be in there for life!


erin - January 20

i just don't understand people like this. it makes my stomach turn. just disqusting.


Maria - January 20

I could not get through but I am discusted by these animals that would do such a sick and demented act on an infant...they need to get theirs in jail, sick b___ds...death would be too kind of a sentence, life in general population with torture sounds more like it!! Sorry for my bluntness but i am sickened, completly shocked by the people in this world.


Meredith - January 20

This is the scariest thing in the world to me. I was abused as a child, and having two little girls brings up a fear in me that I have to protect them. You do not even understand the fear if you have not been there. I have an almost irrational fear sometimes. When I see them growing up and see how small I was when it happened to me, it makes me sick. My parents did not know it was happening right under thier noses. I did not tell them for 10 years. I know the signs now, having lived through it, and remain on "high alert," but at 12 weeks, how can you know? I would be devastated that I could not protect my babies. How awful!!!


Christy - January 20

I have heard about this on here and another forum and it sickens me. In fact, it kept popping into my head today and I got so mad I started to cry for that baby and her mom. It is beyond disturbing to me that a 40 y/o man would have such sick s_xual tendancies and would victimize a practically newborn child. People who prey on those who cannot speak for themselves or are too young and scared to say something are the lowest of the low. It is not Christian or nice of me to say this, but a man like that does not deserve to live. The fact he got only 6 years in prison makes it all the worse. What a slap in the face tot hat child and her mother! It is a sad sad world we live in guys. Meredith- I am sorry for what you went through and I can kind of relate to your fears. I was s_xually a__saulted in college, but was fortunate in that I could speak up for myself and report the guy who raped me. (He served a whopping three years in prison b/c he copped a plea. He is now a major pro-life demonstrator who goes to college campuses and tells women that rape is not a good reason to abort, among other things. Too scary.) I sometimes get really scared about someone coming and hurting me and/or my family. I can definitely get irrational about it too. I think when the unthinkable happens to you, you get really fearful of something bad happening to you again. Anyway, I hope that pet_tion is effective in getting that monster put away a lot longer than 6 years.


Sophie's Grandma - January 20

No words can convey what I'm feeling and thinking. God help that little one and her family. I have no faith in the legal system for this case. I had no problem signing the pet_tion and was sad that I was # 2900 and something...there should be millions of names on this pet_tion


Mom - January 20

Thank you to all signing it and thank you to those pa__sing it on. Thank you!!! Thank you!!!


sian - January 20

I have signed it also. My younger sister and I were abused as a young children, by our uncle - police didnt want to know, didnt even make it into the courts! Its no wonder things like this continue to happen, the law allows it to. Just as 'Mommy" said, if the same happened to my children, or any kids in my family i would hunt them down and kill them my self!



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