Please Read And Offer Advice I M Losing My Mind

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heather28 - November 19

My daughter is 2 1/2 months old. She has frequent spit-up. She was started on Enfamil Lipil with Iron in the hospital. I tried to br___t feed for weeks, but it never worked. So my dad bought an entire case of this formula. Well about 2 weeks after we were home she started spitting up constantly. We were told to try adding rice, but it didn't help. Then we were told to try Enfamil AR as it is thickened with rice starches and swells in the stomach. Well 1 hour after every feeding she would start to scream. She also had constipation from this. I tried a sample of Similac Isomil Advance that I had and she hated it. I bought Enfamil Gentle Ease and that was worse. During feedings she would pull her legs to her stomach and her head to her chest and scream. Then we tried Lactose free formula by Parents Choice (Walmart brand). She has been on this for 5 days and still spits up way more than normal, and now she has excessive foul smelling gas. I have been to the doctor a few times with this and this time they said try feeding 1 ounce wait 30 minutes and feed second ounce. Well I got home put her back on the Enfamil Lipil with Iron since the lactose free doesn't seem to be working and I have so much of the Lipil formula. I fed her one ounce spit-up and waited 30 minutes fed her ounce number 2 and I burped her and it all came back up and then some. She arches her back gets stiff as a board and screams for hours. She is on Prevacid for reflux and she sleeps elevated. I always keep her elevated after each feeding, but it doesn't help. Anyone else have this problem and found anything to be helpful. I am exhausted and feedings are becoming more and more of a nightmare.


jodie - November 19

How aweful!!!! I'm not sure if you have tried soy at all but we have our daughter (4mos) on soy and she hasn't had gas since we put her on it at about 2 months. She still barfs alllllllllllll the time after every single feeding but she is gaining weight and the pediatrician isn't worried. If you haven't tried the soy give it a whirl! Gooood luck!!


heather28 - November 19

Yeah I tried a sample that I had and she spit it all back up. I just wish I could find one that she could hold down better. She is not a happy spitter. Oh she was 4 lbs 11 oz at birth and now at 2 1/2 months she is 9 lbs.


javidsgirl - November 19

have thought about getting her checked for infant reflux disease


javidsgirl - November 19

oh sorry i didn't read the whple post thoughly i could recommend someone for you to talk to that has babies with reflux they would be on my thread augustmommies2007 thier names are jen and morgan i think they could help you alot


kstill - November 19

I'm so sorry you are having such a hard time. I had a similar problem with my 2 months old. I too tried b___stfeeding and just couldn't do it. When I decided to go to formula I started with Similac, then enfamil gentle ease....and various others and nothing would agree with him. He didn't spit up but he wouldn't eat and acted like he was in pain while I was attempting to feed him. It was sooooo frustrating. I finally switched to Nutramigen and add cereal to it and he LOVES it!!! I also give him his formula (about 2 ounces), cereal and a little bit of pears at night before bedtime. Nutramigen is supposed to be the easiest on the tummy. Also for colic babies...which my son has a bit of. I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck with your little girl. Keep me posted on her progress.


Allisonc79 - November 19

I have had some trouble with reflux too, my lo is 4 months now and it has just reared its ugly head! She is hoarse and wheezy off and on, has all the symptoms except for the vomiting and spit up, go figure. I just started her on A.R, since gas shouldn't be as bad now. How is the Prevacid helping? Is that the strongest kind of medication for it?


Andi13 - November 20

My daughter had problems with acid reflux as well. We had her on Enfamil Lipil with Iron and switched to GentleEase. She still spits up oca__sionally but we found that switching nipples on her bottle helped ease her discomfort. We switched to a nipple that flows a little slower. Not so slow that she gulps air but slow enough that she can't gulp formula too fast and get a stomach ache. Maybe that would help if you haven't already tried it? Good Luck!!!


mom2be0606 - November 20

It sounds like she is allergic to could take weeks, even a month to get out of her system. I'd keep trying the soy!


michelleodell - November 20

Nutramigen is awesome. It is expensive, but sooo worth it!!! I had the same problem. Now my lo is a smiling/laughing HAPPY baby!!! Good luck!



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