Please Read This We Haev A Theif

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PreciousBaby19 - November 9

to everyone on here.....we need everyone to please help me find the person who owns the piczo the neste family....does she post on here? whats her name? and which forums does she use..? her pictures of her son are being taken!!!!!


alida - November 9

What do you mean they are being taken????


excited2bemama - November 9

IS that DDT??? Its actually pretty common that people steal photos off the internet. Unless you watermark pics on the internet anyone can take them


alida - November 9

Why would someone take them??? It scares me!


andy - November 9

how ??? why !!!


DDT - November 9

Yes, that would be me. Who is taking the pictures and where are they posting them?


DDT - November 9

Oh, I just checked my piczo site and apparently this girl: is posting Caden's baby pics and claiming it's her own baby. Weird, what is the point of that?? Well, I've protected my site but what else can or should I do? I mean this must be some sad, messed up girl that feels she needs to do that. I could report her to Piczo....should I do that?


pregnantjackie - November 9

whaaa? Creeeeeeeeppppyyyyyy.....


Gavinsmom - November 9

Deanne--You NEED to report her! What a freak! Why are people so SICK??!!!


JerseyGirl - November 9

Ugh. What is WRONG with people?? So sorry this is happening to you, but I agree that you need to report her somehow.


mamagoose - November 9

What a creepy weirdo. DDT, maybe for now you should pa__sword protect your piczo site and only give out the pa__sword to your family. And definitely do the right-click protect, and report the freak to piczo administration.


TiffanyRae - November 9

umm...YEAH no questions asked...REPORT her. That is pretty messed up. But thats the internet for you these days. It is a wide open place where ANYTHING can happen.


DDT - November 9

I have reported her...let's see if they even do anything about it. How dare she claim Caden is her baby! Demented mind!


JessC531 - November 9

That's just sick. How did you know they were being stolen? And how did you protect them? Sorry... I just don't get it. Now I'm worried about my pics that I have up...


javidsgirl - November 9

are you freaking serious wow sounds like someone needs some serious help, you must feel so violated that someone would take a picture that is so precious and priceless


DDT - November 9

Another girl's belly pics were stolen so she accused the "thief" that the baby pics weren't hers either. I don't know how they figured out they were my pics. I think one of my "friends" recognized my pics from my site. I have right-click protected a lot of the pics but obviously not all of them. I thought the only way to do it was one-by-one. This morning after looking into my account details I see you can just automatically right-click protect all pics with just one edit b___ton. I have also limited my site to be viewed by only those "friends" I've already accepted. I almost want to just get rid of the whole piczo site completely. Who knows she may have already saved all of the pics to her computer already...I hope Piczo do something about this but I have a feeling they won't. This has happened before when another lady on this forum was being stalked through her piczo. She ended up leaving the forum because of it. What a sad world we live in....


jennifer_33106 - November 9

Wow I just wanted to say that you can right click protect everything on your site by going to the account setting and under privacy setting you can choose to right click protect your whole site. Some people are really sick and desperate I guess. Makes me kinda wanna take down all my u/s pics to be honest. I dont want some sicko claiming my daughter for her own.



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