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Rhonda - July 4

Do any of you know the signs of autisum?My dd is 16mos old and gags when you try to feed her solids,almost never smiles,whines almost constantly,always has her fingers moving,she dont want to play,will not hold any type of food in her hand(but will hold a toy)You have to pry things out of her hands(like a sippy cup,toy)If you try to kiss her she turns away,she was banging her head on the floor,appliances,the wall(but has not done that for awhile)she always puts her hands in front of her face,when you are close to her face with yours.she is not affectionate at all either.I thought it was just a phase she was going through,but all this behavior continues,i will take her to see a dr,but in the meantime any help would be appreciated.thank you.


HannahBaby - July 4

Hon, you should see a specialist if you think that she has a problem. 2 of my nephews have autism. One is severe. He is 4, Does not talk, does not look you in the eye, doesnt communicate in any way. THe other was just diagnosed after going to preschool. He is very mild and is much like a normal child except for the way he behaves in a cla__s room setting. They diagnosed the severe nephew pretty early around 18 months, its my SIL son so i dont know what his symptoms were as i wasnt married to my husband yet. But i do know that he didnt babble (he had started then stopped) and he didnt ever ever make eye contact. I would really take her to a doctor ASAP. THe longer you wait the worse things can get. They have special diets and therapys for autistic kids and the sooner they are started the better. Good luck Rhonda.


AmyB - July 4

hannahbaby is right find some help...but in the meantime has your child battled alot of ear infections? some of these problems can be displayed if they have ear problems and may need tubes..i know it seems like one thing has nothing to do with the other, but it does! good luck and please keep us posted!


Rhonda - July 4

No she has not had any ear infections.She will make eye contact,but never makes any noise except for whineing,she did start to babble but then stopped.She will drink milk like crazy.I was hoping she would start doing better,but so far she has not.I will make her an appointment.My fiancees mother told me it could be signs of autium,so i am curious to find out alittle about it,just in case.This dose not seem like normal behavior dose it?


ca_pink - July 5

Check out this website:


Rabbits07 - July 5

The severity of sypmtoms can vary from one child to another, but it does sound like you could possibly be dealing with Autism. The Autism Speaks website that ca_pink recommended is a good resource. Also, insist that your child be evaluated by a developmental specialist. Nothing against family doctors or pediatricians, but I have heard numerous stories of parents telling the doc that something was right and the doc taking the --well, let's wait and see approach--. This also happened to my sister; my nephew began exhibiting syptoms of autism around 22 months and lost all of his speech that he had initially had. My sister repeatedly asked his pedi about it, but was always told that it was just a minor speech delay and he just needed time. He ended up being almost 5 years old before he was diagnosed. This was back in the early 90's and I think doctors are more aware of Autism now, but I have still heard recent stories that are similar. Like HannahBaby said, there are early intervention programs that can be critical in helping a child with autism, and the earlier they are started the better. IF the doctor seems hesitant to refer to a developmental specialist tell him/her that you insist or you will find a doctor who will do the referral. I wish you the best of luck and please let us know how things turn out.


TOGIRL - July 5

hey rhonda remember i told i had a nephew with ASC ( autism spectrum disorder) anyways my sister was telling me about this new website it is designed to help parents with determining wheather thier child has autism the website is check it out . but your dd has alot of the first signs


Rabbits07 - July 5

duh...that was suppose to be telling the doc that something was NOT right.


TOGIRL - July 5

ok so i didn't bother reading the rest of the post oh well i to have a life Rabbits07


Rabbits07 - July 5

sorry TOGIRL if you felt that was directed at was not.....I was "duh"-ing at my own post. I wrote "but I have heard numerous stories of parents telling the doc that something was right" should have been NOT right, so I was correcting myself.


TOGIRL - July 5

oh sorry then


Rhonda - July 5

Thank you all for the info you provided to me.I will check out the website.I know she dont act like kids her age dose.Something is just not right.


Christy - July 5

I think you need to go with your gut. If your intuition says that something is wrong, then take her in to the doctor and have her evaluated by a specialist as soon as you can. Still, I hope it is something else that is treatable. Sorry. :(


TOGIRL - July 6

hey rhonda just remember to stick to your guns when they first diagnosed my nephew they told my sister that he had ADD it wasn't until he was 8 that they discovered she had been right all along and he had ASC


lovemy3 - July 8

Hi there, I'm sorry i don't know much about autism. I do recognize some of things you mentioned as symptoms but sometimes at different ages they go through different quirky things as well, that we can read into and worry about. the best person to ask would be have your dr to take a good look. how are things going now, have you found anything out? I'm sorry, i couldn't help you more, good luck


Rhonda - July 11

No i have not been able to get her a dr yet,but today she has started banging her head again on stuff and she has not done that for a while.My mil told me she dose not act like a normal 16mos old.


JAI - July 11

Rhonda I wish you only the best and hope you will soon get the answers you so desperately need. Good Luck!



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