Please Tell Me How Can I Entertain This Child

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lexi - December 26

iam so worn down, my almost 5 month old daughter, needs constant entertainment while awake which is now 99% of the day. she sleeps fairly well at night, but i just am running ragged trying to entertain my little one, and keep a clean house, which is just impossible. i have the exasaucer, papasan swing, jumperoo, all kind of other toys, and she wants me..i cannot walk away. she wants my silly songs and faces all day long. i have to sit her on my lap to take a pee, and iam worn out by 3pm, each day. what more can i do? she won't watch her baby einstein dvd's, or cartoons, except seemingly with daddy, (what's up with that), she always wants to eat, eat, eat, with me, more then anyone else, eventhough she is being bottle fed, my hands are falling apart. she cries all the time, and she is doing so now, and iam going loco here! my house is a mess, and so am i. please tell me it gets easier, and they learn to entertain themselves, at least a bit, because i need to be able to take a shower, brush my teeth, and so forth. this is madness, and she never wants to nap! please help! i have never let her cry until right this second, and it's only cause i need so badly to get an answer to this question. thanks


C - December 26

My doctor once said a baby never died from crying. I think once my son started sitting up on his own I could throw a rattle in his hand and he'd be fine for a lot longer. Just try moving her from thing to thing every 10 minutes. Try to entertain her in the thing and not in your arms. Maybe that'll help her get used to not being in your arms. When you have to pee, shower, let her cry. Also, she should be sleeping about 14 hours per day. My son sleeps 10 hours at night and then about 2 two hour naps where I can get stuff done. I always let him cry for up to 5 minutes in his crib and he normally will fall asleep before I return.


kimj - December 26

hello... i know it can be hard to hear your baby cry. my first son who is 7 cried all the time and it seemed like we could never do anything to make him stop and i didnt want to let him just cry.... well we have a 6 week old and he is alot happier then our first. i told myself that with my second i would let them cry if i had tried and done everything i could because i new that crying was not going to hurt him.... well i find myself doing evrything i can to keep him happy all day and night and you are sooooooo right i cant get anything done. my house has been a mess for weeks. my hubby tries to pick up but nothing like i would do. as far as my shower goes always have to make sure he is feed and happy or asleep so his dad can tend to him while i have a little time to myself. it does get easier!! it kills me to hear him cry and sometimes it even makes my b___bs hurt.. wierd i know! just hang in there and keep telling yourself they are only this little once and it goes by so quickly. he is our last so i am really trying to enjoy him and ofcourse that means spoiling him and cuddling.... some say i am creating a monster but they grow so quick. all i can say is just enjoy her while she is young and wants you by her all the time because she is one day going to want you out of her those fun teenage years will be here before ya know it!


newmom - December 26

My son does that some times, even though i give him 100 of toys and make him sit in bouncy, play yard, gym or swing but the good thing is that he just like company not that he wants to be held,,he just wants any body's face to be there infront of him or i keep him in a place he can see me and i do my work..i think even my picture is fine for him..LOL I Think u must give it a try..


FF - December 26

Boy do I know how this feels!!! My son is also 5 months and he constantly wants to be entertained... I think of it as "he's old enough to play, but he's not old enought to play by himself". He does seem to do better in the swing or exersaucer if he can see me. Also if I keep up a constant conversation with him about what I'm doing (folding clothes, cleaning, dusting, etc.) he seems to be happier. I do hope it gets easier! And I must admit I miss peeing in privacy ;)


karine - December 27

i would let him cry, especially when you need to go shower and pee. It wont hurt her. Let her cry for about 5-10minutes a day, and iam sure that she might start being more interested in the things that she has. All she wants is you, and she doesnt have much time to explore her toys and bouncy chairs.


Twins - December 29

I had the same thing with my 1st. Have you tried a sling? I love mine. I use the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder. It makes it easy to keep the baby with you while you do your house work. Talking constantly and singing helps them to develop speaking skills. Just keep explaining everything you do, or talk about something. You can even talk to someone on the phone. I also took mine in the shower with me. We both got clean at the same time. That way I didn't have to use extra time for a baby bath. For using the toilet the sling also comes in very handy, even in public restrooms. Hang in there this stage does pa__s.



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