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Corrine321 - July 10

My daughter is 3 weeks and 4 days today and well how do i break the habit of her always wanting to sleep on my chest or by me? its soo hard at night...


sahmof3 - July 10

Have you tried swaddling her and laying her in the ba__sinet or crib? I didn't swaddle my first and it was so hard to get him to sleep on his own, but it worked wonders with #2 & #3.


kr - July 10

Mine did the same thing. I tried to swaddle, but she hated that. I just accepted it until 2 months when she outgrew me. It's silly, but now I wish I could soothe her like that again.She will grow out of it if you can't find a way to make her stop.


ca_pink - July 10

We stopped swaddling around 2 weeks and she would need to be rocked/patted or carried until she fell into a deep sleep. So we went back to swaddling her and it has worked wonders for us. Good luck!


Tillie - July 10

She just came out of your body three weeks ago--she only feels safe and cozy next to you! Mine is the same way. What's worked best for me, for now, is just keeping her close most of the time. I think that's just life with a newborn. For naps during the day, when I want to get things done, I cuddle and lie with her until she falls asleep and then sneak away; at night, she sleeps right beside me and almost never cries even once all night long. Have you tried co-sleeping? And I definitely agree about swaddling. Good luck, and enjoy that devotion!


Lindsey - July 11

Corrine, my ds is 3 weeks 5 days today and i have swaddled him since he was born, he sleeps almost straight away and if he wakes in the night (not for feed) then he will go back to sleep himself. I believe it's the comfort of feeling snuggled, he is still getting used to being out of the womb.


Narcissus - July 11

I don't think this is the right age to break that behavior or need. She will move on to sleeping by herself when the time is right for her. Sorry to be such a harda__s but this is what motherhood is. Sleepless nights are here to stay while your newborn adjusts to life outside the womb. If you absolutely insist on breaking her at such a young age, you might try buying the lamg that has the sound of a heartbeat. She is comforted by your heartbeat when she lays on your chest.


Narcissus - July 11

lamb not lamg


Corrine321 - July 11

Well I do swaddling and everytime she wakes up when shes in her ba__sinet its not for feeding its just to be held or to come by me... But since SOME of you are rude about things when people ask questions I'm staying away from this forum... Thanks for the ones who helped anyway!!


Narcissus - July 11

Chill...nobody was rude to you and everyone made a helpful suggestion whether you like the suggestion or not. Obviously a mother would hold her baby when she/he wakes up but you asked specifically about sleeping and you got real answers from real people who have BEEN THERE DONE THAT & we were all tired too!


bbm - July 11

Just enjoy it. Soon enough she'll become independant and that'll be the end of it.


Corrine321 - July 11

no, its not about the sleeping.. I dont really care about that.. Its about her sleeping with us everyday.. but oh well i guess! Thanks anyways...


Narcissus - July 11

Yes, Corrine, I know it's about her sleeping with you. That would mean that your question is about sleeping....Anyhow, it's normal and there is no magical answer about how to break your newborn from her primal need of wanting to be close to the person who housed her for 9 months. That comes in time but it's too early for that right now. All babies are different and some require more contact w/ mom than others. Obviously you can ignore her desire for body contact and place her in her crib and let her cry, or continue to go with your instinct and nurture her needs as it sounds like you have been doing.


Corrine321 - July 11

Well thanks for your answer!


melissa g. - July 12

3 weeks is a little early to expect them to be on their own -- have you checked out the book The Happiest Baby on the Block? It explains about the "Fourth Trimester" and the need of 0-3's for the recreation of the womb experience. We never co-slept with dd at night, we swaddled her and she slept in a ba__sinet in our room but for naps, it was the chest all the way. Our record was 3 hrs on my chest, I really needed to pee! She no longer likes to sleep on my chest at 4 and half months, she gets to squirmy. We are only now starting to move from rocking her to sleep to trying to have her put herself to sleep, sometimes she is up for it, sometimes not. I thought I would be very hardcore when dd was born about sleep habits, but I think our emphasis on independent sleep in our society is somewhat unnatural and that these little babies need to be close to us -- it is such a short time when you think about it. I feel your pain tho -- I thought I would go crazy from sleep deprivation the first 3 months!


hello - July 12

My daughter went into her bunny rug and off she would sleep in her ba__sinett. It was started from day one. Your baby has gotten used to sleeping on you, mine fell asleep on me at times also but luckily she was ok when going into her ba__sinett. You need to persist. My health nurse said to me 'even if u have to rock that ba__sinett for an hour... something i was told when i was having some difficulties when she was a bit older.... They are a newborn, they spend most of their days sleeping, they may cry a tad but they will soon be off to sleep. You need to be strong and persist cause all i can say is the sooner the better, it will be easier for u ... i know newborns like to feel safe and cosy but that doesnt get things done at home.... if she is wrapped in a bunnyrug/blanket, whatever u call them there then this will make her feel warm and safe..... If u really want her sleeping in her own bed then be strong and pat her, rock the ba__sinett .. rub her face, whatever it takes to get her back off and she will soon know thats her bed .......I even put a star and bee on her ba__sinett , like a mobile but cheaper version and it helped her enjoy her ba__sinett, good luck


krista-lee - July 12

hi Corrine! how is Brooklynn? lol, anyways i kinda had the same problem. i had to rock Emy for atleast an hour till she fell totally asleep and put her in her basinette. shes used to it now, i feed her, burp her, rock her and she falls back to sleep in my arms and i slowly lay her in the basinette (swaddled so she feels like shes being cuddled) hope i helped!



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