Poll Gentlease Or Good Start

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lexa - January 26

Which formula do you prefer? The Enfamil Gentlease or the Nestle Good Start? Just wondering. The reason is the GI specialist told us to try to switch back to soy formula...and I refuse! She's not 100% sure about protein allergy and said we could try soy again. I said NO! I wanted to try Gentlease but the ped said Good Start is a good formula that a lot of parents swear by. Just wanted to see what everyone thought?


babyboy46 - January 26

I use Gentleease, and I love it. ds was a bit ga__sy when he was a few weeks old. He is 10 months now and we still use it, never had a problem. My only complaint is that it only comes in powder whereas some of the other formulas come in already made liquid. I must also say that a lot of my friends use Nestle and love it. Sorry i didn't really help much! I think they are both good choices. Good Luck!


BriannasMummy - January 26

I have used Good Start with both of my girls. I love it to pieces.. works perfect. Neither of them have any problems with it at all.. at first the hospital put them both on Similac.. and they both had a hard time with it.. just as soon as we used the Goodstart the world was once again .. wonderful! ~Kristin~


lexa - January 26

Thank you ladies. I guess I'll go with ped and do the Good Start. If this doesn't work for us...back to Alimentum to stay.


Gena - January 26

I use Good Start as well and haven't had problems so far. Sign up on the website to, you'll get lots of great checks to use, good luck.


lexa - January 26

Thanks Gena...I signed up. I did get a couple of checks in the beginning, but threw them out since I wasnt using it. Now I need them (maybe if we tolerate this). I wish Alimentum would give coupons...jeesh!


Nicolep - January 27

My DS is allergic to the soy based formulas and is lactose intolerant. We use the Alimetnutum formula and it is "breaking the bank" for us! I understand your plight. I tried the Good Start and my DS loves the formula but the milk still hurts his tummy. I am going to wait a month or so to see if is digetive systems has mutured enough to take Good Start again. My sons pediatrician swares by Good Start.


MellyMel - January 27

I used Good Start with my son 8 years ago and my daughter who is 9 weeks old. I swear by it and it's great for babies with reflux. It was my lifesaver 8 years ago with my son. He was like a whole new baby. No gas, tons of poopies and my daughter is doing great on it now too!!


ry - January 28

I use Gentlease and it is 1000 times better than regular enfamil. We also used Goodstart for a week when she was a newborn and she did fine on that too....


mandee25 - January 28

I use Good Start and have had no problems with it. My ds is 9 weeks old and takes it well.


Erin1979 - January 28

I used Good Start. I felt it was the best for my daughter, and the best value.



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