POLL How And Where Did Do You All Get Your NBs To Sleep

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docbytch - October 29

Hi. I gotta vent...and ask for HELP! My son is 3 weeks old tomorrow and I am already fit to be tied!!! He cannot seem to sleep for any length of time anywhere! He also takes too long to eat so I find myself thinking the feeding is over only to have him wailing for more about 15 mins later!! He was even worse during my attempts to bf so I gave up on it....now it's similac sensitive supplemented with pumped br___tmilk...this scenario goes on all night long and seems worse at night then in the day. I have tried putting him down in his crib (no dice after about ten mins), his bouncer (works for about an hour sometimes) his carseat (forget it...works for about 30mins if I am lucky)...also used a platform that goes on our bed (he hates it)...and resorted to laying him flat next to me (no luck again). It seems the only way he will actually SLEEP for any length of time is ON me. This is obviously not gonna work!!! My DH is gone for days at a time (he's a pilot) and this leaves me here alone with NO help...and I don't know ANYONE with a baby or young child. I find my temper getting really short and I resent not being able to figure my baby out!! It's not his fault...he's only a little guy...but what the h__l should I do? Please respond and impart your wisdom! I feel like my patience is already overly taxed and want to get over it alreadt. Thanks very much


docbytch - October 29

oh and i do have one of those baby bjorn things....he gets claustrophobic in that thing after about half an hour....so????


DDT - October 29

Hi! I can relate because I felt the same way when my ds was a newborn. He hardly slept during the day and when he did it was for short bursts. Even on the night he was born he only slept in 10-30min spurts. I was exhausted to say the least. I was literally a zombie for the 1st 1.5 months of his life. At night he would sleep for 1-2hrs at a time in his ba__sinett, and then from his last am feeding on (4am or so) I would bring him into the bed with me to bf and then we would fall asleep that way together until about 6-7am. During the day I tried the couch sitting next to him, his ba__sinett, swing, bouncy chair ect. Still...the longest nap would be 30-45mins. Once I started him on a routine at 6wks old and put him into his crib for naps and bedtime things started getting better...and got better really fast. By 8-9wks the longest stretch at night was 5hrs, and then 4-5 naps a day ranging from 45mins-2.5hrs. By 11wks he was sleeping 12hrs straight at night, and 4 naps a day ranging from 30mins-2hrs. I BF and supplemented with formula until he was 6wks old and then switched to formula exclusively. It's all about watching for those sleepy cues and acting fast on them, because if you don't your lo will become over-tired and then fight sleep or not sleep long enough. Also, providing them with a routine during the day is comforting for them because in essence they "sense what's coming next" BTW my ds NEVER fell asleep in the Bjorn. He wanted to be looking out and not in. He hated being confined by something...he felt the same way about swaddling and the Bumbo. GL.


excited2bemama - October 29

WEll when my dd was that age she ALWAYS fell asleep on the b___b... its the best sedative ever.. :o) jk. Okay some things to try.. swaddling, white noise (fan, noise machine, vacc_m), infant swing. If he likes to sleep on you and you want to get stuff done what if you wear him in a sling or wrap? check out thebabywearer(dot)com I know you said he gets clastrophobic in the bjorn?? but at this age most babies crave the womb like enviroment.. cramped, warm, and noisy, and moms voice always close by. Alot of people a__sume that their lo doesn't like swaddleing, being in a sling etc b/c the baby crys at first. My lo always crys while being swaddled but then settles down when she realizes she is warm and cozy. Does he take a paci? If not keep trying. Try reading happiest baby on the block and healthy sleep habbits happy child. GREAT books. GL


docbytch - October 29

oh yea...my boy hates swaddling...he even hates blankies oh top of him...but we use little heat in our home (i am always hot) so I gotta bundle him up so he is not cold. I have also tried the swing....again works for about 30min max. He doesn't seem to nap or sleep effectively unless he is on me. I can't take that. Not to mention the fact that there is no real "schedule" in our home....I have always worked nights (I am an ER Nurse) and my DHs schedule changes day to night to any possible mix of the two every month. I also cannot force myself to sleep just because he drops off for a whopping 30 mins. I am just not sure where to begin!!!


DB - October 29

swing swing swing....but I guess I am lucky...my dd was always sleeping during the day, then colicky monster baby from 5-10pm!!


TiffanyRae - October 29

I have yet to get more then three hours of sleep at a time....my little man just isn't a good sleeper. He will fall asleep during the day for MAX one hour. At night I can get 2-3 hours at a time our of him. And only if he is laying in our bed between my hubby and I. And during the day he only sleeps in his crib. Arg. But I have learned to live with it. You need to take a step back. You sound pretty frustrated and a little tense....unfortunatly your little man can feel the tention you give off....I know that sounds strange but he can. He looks towards you to calm him...and if you yourself are not calm it won't work. I learned this the hard way!!! One thing that instantly calms Alex and puts him to sleep is to bounce lightly on a yoga ball. I wish I could help you on how to get him to STAY alseep but I am still learning that myself and my lo is 12 weeks! So you use a pacifier? I was super against them but man they work good! lol My LO loves too soothe himself with them. Sorry to not be much help...but just take a step back and relax. I know that that is hard as heck...but it is the only way to keep your sanity!!! Lots of luck to you!!!


TiffanyRae - October 29

*** During the day he sleeps in his SWING not his crib! ooops!!!


slackette - October 29

All I can say is SWADDLE, SWADDLE, SWADDLE!!!! I thought my LO didn't like it at first either...we did it for the first 2 weeks with the hospital blanket, but he kept on getting free...I started running into the same problem as you, he wouldn't sleep for extended periods of time, and on top of that he is colicky, so he constantly cried. I read and watched the DVD of "the happiest baby on the block" and it changed my life. I started swaddling at night again starting at 6 weeks (my lo is now 11 weeks) and from the first night he started sleeping for 5-9 hours straight!! At my son's 2 month appt, my pediatrician randomly starting talking about Dr. Karp (the author of the book) and said he used the technique on his daughter when she was an infant. Anyways, I use the Kiddopodamus swaddlers now (sometimes he can still find his way out of it, but it still knocks him right out for the night). Try it for a couple of nights (and naps too - I don't like using it for naps b/c he ends up sleeping for too long and it messes with his nightime sleep). It will change your life like it did mine!!!


docbytch - October 29

i cant see him doing well with swaddling...he constantly struggles against it....and come to find out...DH was a sprawler as an infant.....all limbs splayed out. swaddling worked for about two days!..swinging just p__ses him off after about 30 mins. oh and he takes a paci only sometimes..... he just wont settle himself down unless hes being held!! also...my DH has a somewhat needy temperament so i can see how this little guy might be the same! but...it's really freakin hard when u r all alone. like now...seems ive mastered the one-handed baby/bottle hold with the left whilst hunting and pecking with the right!


c_baer19 - October 29

I hate to break it to you, but my DD was the same way. She had to sleep on me in order to get any sleep at all. I'm positive it was because she was ga__sy and couldn't sleep on her back because she couldn't relieve the gas.. I had a bit of an oversupply of milk that helped cause it. Anyway, long story short, she is 3 months old and we are still trying to break the cosleeping habit. Best of luck to you.. my advice is not to start doing it, but it's so hard when your LO isn't sleeping!


c_baer19 - October 29

Oh, and she hated swaddling, too! She also is yet to like her swing or her bouncer, but she does like the Baby Bjorn. She didn't like it until about 6-8 weeks, though - she hated it before then.


crrodgers - October 29

Is it possible that he is colicky? Have you tried changing the formula or giving him some Mylocon drops? Mine sleeps with me! ( I know!!!....I'm a softy!) But during the day he sleeps in his swing or carseat. My first born was colicky and she would only fall asleep if we put her in the carseat and walked around! ( I had some strong arms!!!) after she fell asleep I would just leave her in the carseat and get some sleep myself. Good luck, this doesn't last forever, promise!


docbytch - October 29

oh and it seems I already use some of those techniques mentioned in the two books......white noise being a big one. how do you guys sleep if you are all alone with a baby who won't sleep for any length of time? I have no relief for two more days and I just don't see how the utter lack of sleep is going to make me able to care for my son with no one else here. God at least if my dd was around I could enlist her help.....but she is in the military. I cannot even remember what it was like when she was this age... Maybe some women are just better mothers than me!!! My mom always said mean things about me not being maternal/nurturing enough. Like SHE was...hah. Just feel like I am doing this all wrong. He also only takes a few ounces at a time and promptly demands more less than thirty mins later....making it also impossible for him to sleep cause he wakes up constantly hungry. Oh and did I say he was over ten pounds at birth so this is a BIG three week old boy!!


first-timer - October 29

My lo is similar, I have to have ,my hand on his chest at night for him to sleep. It's like he needs to know I'm there. During the day the max naps is the same as yours. The minute he is put down he wakes. I sleep at night with my hand in his ba__sinet beside my bed. Try it and see if it works.


tryin44 - October 30

My daughter is 2 weeks today. I start her out in her cradle that is by my bed. I am lucky to get a couple hrs there. Then when she wakes up to eat I put her in bed with me. She sleeps best on her side curled in a ball trowards me. It makes me nervous I will suffocate her so I put a wedge between us so she can't get her face totally to me. Even at that I am luck to get 2-3 hrs straight and only once in the night all others is 1-2 hrs. Also, my husband works nights so he has t sleep during the day so I know abou no help. I do however believe that what your baby is doing is more normal than not. I don't think the norm is for them to sleep much longer in a stretch for his age. Hang in there I'm sure it will slowly get better.


joshuasmommy - October 30

Hi. I've been reading and using this website for info for the past year - all through my pregnancy and since my son was born 12 weeks ago but have never actually posted anything till now. Your post is breaking my heart. I can hear your frustration and resentfulness. We have a lot of similarities - I had a c-section, have carpal tunnel, and my ds weighed 10lbs, 1 oz at birth. He would maybe get an hour of sleep in at a time in his bouncy chair those first few weeks. I am strictly bf and didn't introduce the bottle until 4 weeks so I understand the sleep deprivation but unlike you have had wonderful support from my husband (who is self-employed and has a much more flexible schedule) and from my Mom. I imagine I would be feeling a lot like you if I was completely on my own. My son wouldn't sleep early on either and one thing that really helped me gain patience and understanding was to think about the fact that some babies take a little longer to get use to life outside the womb and that's why they need to be held more often and probably why that's the only way your lo sleeps for any significant amount of time. He's only known being inside you so of course he is most comfy on you now. Our son also has acid reflux and that was also disturbing his sleep. We started him on zantac at about 4 weeks and it has helped a ton. The other thing I started to do was put him on his tummy on the couch for naps. He started taking 2 hour naps immediately this way and I could watch him closely too. Since this worked for us, we bought an angle care monitor to put in his crib and now he takes naps on his tummy in his crib. It was hard at first to trust the monitor but everytime we pick him up and forget to turn it off, it starts beeping. His crib is also right next to my bed so I felt like I could take a little nap too. Most of all, I just hope you can find the patience and compa__sion for your lo so that you don't miss this special time that really does go by so fast and DOES get better. My lo is still not the best nap taker - it's hit and miss but he is sleeping 4-5 hour stretches through the night now and that makes the days so much more bearable. Hang in there and I really hope you can find some support for the sake of both of you.



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