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punkin01 - April 25

Hello....I was wondering how you told your partner about your pregnancy, I want a creative/special way to tell my hubby (no I dont have the BFP yet but I want to be ready because when I get it I wont be able to wait to get ideas from you ladies....I want this time to be special because with our DD I was thinking I had a medical problem because I just stopped the Dept shot 5 mos earlier and according to the booklet on it it should have taken 12-18 mos to get out of my system so when I was late we thought a medical problem but It was our DD then with Joshua, our DD was 11 mos old and I was on the pill never missed a dose same time everyday and I was suppose to start a new pack of pills that night and I realized I hadnt had my period and I couldnt take that pill with a "what if" in my mind so I tested and I was preggo ///// I had a Csection with Josh and had my tubes tied ....some may know others may not but we lost our Josh to SIDS when he was 9 weeks old////I have had a tubal reversal and waiting on my post-op appt to get the green light to do the baby dance (my appt is April 29) so I want to get some ideas for when and IF it happens to some creative and romantic way to tell him so it will be special since I and we have went through so much to try to have another one ))) sorry if I have rambled or told to much I just want you to understan why it means so much for it to be "an extra special" announcement....any suggestion appriciated!!!!! ?


tish212 - April 26

first off i am so sorry about your loss, i cannot even begin to comprehend how that felt. So please accept my condolences... with my dd (born 12-18-07) i took a pregnancy test, figuring like every other test for the last five years it would be negative and i was just late on my period for whatever reason...well i took the test, looked at and thought i may have seen a second line, but thought i wanted it so bad that i was imagining it... so i kept looking at it...leaving the bathroom, going back to look at it again, then i checked it under everylight in the house...lol...well dh was due home in like twenty minutes so i was running back and forth through the house waiting for him to come home, i was so excited and still in shock that i was crying and running like a mad woman... well when he got home i was standing on the back step staring at him and before i even got to say a word he looked at me and said "you're pregnant, i have known for a while, you had all the signs.." then he hugged me and cried. so he kinda ruined my chance to tell him, but i have thought about how i plan to tell him with our next and i have come up with a few ideas, like haveing my dd wear a onsie that says im going to be a big sister, and having him take care of her so he sees it... or getting an U/S done and putting it in his car with a note saying something like "daddy this is my first picture, i can't wait till i am here to take several more with you" this time i want to seriously plan it out and make it cute, so i completely understand where you are coming from trying to find ideas... good luck finding one that fits you best...and once again i am sorry....


punkin01 - April 26

tish212....thanks so much....like both ideas about the big sis and the sono pic......thanks for you kind words....it has been very very hard....still is ....I have good days and bad days.....some days Iwant to do nothing but talk about him because that keeps his memory so alive and fresh......but others I only think about finding him ...the look on his face, seeing hubby doing CPR, the drive to the hospital, seeing him in the ER, and at the funeral home is all so clear and it fills the bad days........not sure if I can do this but please google search for the site virtual- memorials dotcom........then in first and last name put Joshua Maddox.....it should bring up his site I have done for him.......if you are able to find it please visit and get to know him better and sign his guest book please ........ok make sure to put the - between virtual and memorial and put an s on memorial....if it pulls up the page with the pic of the cemetary with rows of headstones and a casket it is not the right one........some people have confused it .......thanks


britt_m - April 26

I'm very sorry for your loss and visited an signed his guestbook. I heard of either writing on a childs diaper that they're wearing or just buying a newborn one and leaving a little message about a new baby and putting it on his pillow or somewhere he'd find it alone : ). I really like tish's idea of the ultrasound, so cute. Maybe put the ultrasound in a frame that says number 1 dad or with a poem and a due date. Maybe have your dd tell her daddy about a new baby over the phone or something like that, or have her touch your belly and say baby if shes not quite a talker yet? Good luck and I hope everything turns out well for you all!


socurbaby7 - April 27

hey punkin... i don't really have ne ideas... but i just wanted to say i am soo sorry for your loss... i went to the website... and i read everything that happened... and i am still crying right now... for you... because i can't imagine the pain you are going through and you are such a strong woman... i will keep you and your family in my thoughts... and i hope the best for you... god bless you...



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