Poll To Wake Or Not To Wake

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Zack's mom - November 24

Hi! Dh and I have our different opinion on this. Zack have been sleeping throughout the night nowadays and does not wake up for feeding. I have been waking up automatically 4-5 hrs later after his last feedling to change his diaper and feed him. And, I'm glad I did that as he was starving! After this, he will go right back to sleep. But Dh thinks I should let him sleep right through as this is a good habit to inculcate to him. But this will mean that he will miss 1-2 feedings. So.. what say y'all? To wake or not to wake??


chelsey - November 24

He'll awake when he realizes that he needs to be changed or fed! I say let the little tyke sleep! However, I dont know how old Zack is.... if he's just a newborn, then you should wake him up to feed. Just until he gets used to waking up on his own. My newborn I never let sleep any longer than 4 hours at a time.


-m - November 24

My daughter's doctor told me that until baby is 10 pounds, he/she shouldn't sleep any longer then 4 or 5 hours without a feeding. How old is Zack?


Zack's mom - November 24

He is 11 weeks now and 12lbs. He eats 3-4oz every 3-4 hrs. He has been sleeping through for the past 3 weeks. Before that 3 weeks, he knows how to wake me up for feeding. But now he doesn't wake up until 7-8am and will sleep right through for 8-10 hrs straight.


Shelly - November 24

I would say let him sleep,but if you don't feel comfortable with it keep doing what your doing!!


Sarah - November 24

I also say let him sleep- The only reason I'd wake him up is if you are b___stfeeding and had a low supply.


monica - November 24

dont wake him up. whatever he didnt eat during the night he will eat during the day.


chelsey - November 24

In that case.... absolutely let him sleep... and get some rest yourself!


Ashley - November 24

I say let him sleep. Infants actually grow in their sleep. Also, babies know when they're hungry, he won't let himself starve. However, when he does wake he probably will be starving so have a bottle waiting.


karine - November 24

let him sleep!!!!!! i remember when i had my son and a c-section, the dawn nurses would wake up my son every two freakin hours...even at night, and they would wake both me and husband and give our son to bottle feed. i thought it was insane!!!! i mean 2hrs. i coudnt get any sleep, rest and husband either. we had to stay an extra day, as we were 45minutes away from home, in the first ice rain, of the season and it was too bad to chance leaving. so we were 4days sleepless. and my son got whinny, and he would cry all the time, when we got home, i changed his routine, (as after 4 days of being waken every 2 hrs day and night, he was too cranky and woudnt sleep for more than 1/2hrs before crying, i put him down, and let im cry for 20minutes without picking him up....he fell asleep, and from that time on...he would sleep for 4-5hrs in the row, he picked up on his sleep, and i never re-woke him to eat.


Zack's mom - November 24

To Karine - We were on the same boat. I had a c-sec too and Zack was born 5lbs. I too had to feed him 1-2 oz every 2 hours when he was newborn so that he can gain weight. It was so stressful at that time when all Zack wants to do is sleep!! But about 3-4 weeks later after a growth spurt, Zack came up with his own routine of 2-3 hrs feeding and I learnt from him that he knows how to tell when he's hungry. He is formula fed since 1 month after he's born. ---- To all, thanks for the poll. Now dh is smug as he thinks he knows more than me *lol*


C - November 24

I was told once they are consistantly gaining and are getting enough feedings during the day to let them sleep. They're supposed to get 2-2.5 ounces per body weight (not sure where this caps off). So, if your son is getting at least 24 oz during the day he's fine. I also weigh my son once per week to make sure he's not losing weight and still at 7 months I keep an eye that he's wetting and having consistant BM's. I do remember when my son was a week old I told the doctor that he slept for 6 hours and she yelled at me becasue he hadn't gained all of his birth weight back yet. I didn't set an alarm because I was so used to him waking me up after 2-3 hours.


Zack's mom to C - November 24

Now this is my concern... If I wake him up for feeding, it would be 1-2 feedings more within 24 hours which will make up to 21 - 24oz per 24 hrs. If I don't wake him then, it will definately be less than 21 oz per 24 hrs. These are all on-demand feedling. I note down all his feeding times and amount. I know I'm nuts! But I have been doing this since birth, I'm used to it and don't have to try to crack my brain to find out when was his last feedling. My husband thinks I'm crazy to calculate like this but at least I know how much he eats. Anyhow, I am going to try for a few days to let hims sleep through the night and see how it goes.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 25

I would let him sleep! If my 3 month old ever sleeps thru the night I will have a party! LOL! But I agree that I think they will wake if hungry at that age. My son was only getting up once the last month or so, but has been getting up twice now this past week. Maybe it is a growth spurt, but you are not crazy for keeping a record. I had to do that for awhile because the docs were asking me, and since he had no rhyme or reason and I couldn't remember my own name due to lack of sleep, I did it for awhile too. I'm sure that he will be fine whichever way you choose to do it!


TC - November 25

Let him sleep. He will not starve and when he is hungry he will wake up. And if you are b___stfeeding, perhaps you have a pump, you can pump your milk to keep up your milk supply. To -m, why did your doctor say that?



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