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cae - July 6

We all love our precious LO more than the universe, but is there anything you miss that you did before, that you cant do now or find hard to do? Lets share!


cae - July 6

For me, it is sleeping in for sure. I am not a morning person at all. So I still find it very, very hard to get out of bed to start the day. My husband on the other hand(bless his heart) is a morning person, and every weekend he gets up with the LO while I sleep in, unless, of course he is going fishing. Another thing I miss is my little purses, that I just love. NOw, it just feels like i carry so much luggage everywhere I go. I usually dont carry a purse anymore or I stick it in my HUGE diaper bag.


hrsmith - July 6

i used to go and get manicures/pedicures with my co-workers every 2 weeks. I still do, but not as often and quite a few times i've had to go alone because i couldn't go when they were going. I miss gossiping with them. Oh, I really miss my pre-pregnancy body that I know i will never get back any time soon.


hrsmith - July 6

MY hair too!!! I have always been told I have a fabulous head of hair. I don't do much with it in the way of styling, but i always had low and high lights put in on a regular basis. I forget about it and so my hair doesn't look very good anymore. I always wear it in a pony tail because my little sherman tank loves to yank on it. I told my hubby the other day that i think i am going to go back to just plain brown and maybe cut it up a little shorter so it is easier to deal with.


cae - July 6

Yes, hrsmith, I am with you on that one. The pre-pregnancy body, that I really, really miss, and that I will never get back. So sad......After I closed the shop up, I will get a b___b lift and a tummy tuck for sure.


hrsmith - July 6

you and i are on the same page!! I am also planning to get a b___b job as I am currently a 32 A. I didn't think having b___bs this small would change the way they look, nor did i think they were even big enough to sag after bf. NOT true. They look like someone took a pair of plyers and just pulled them down, only they stuck!!! I want to be a HOT MAMA!


cae - July 6

lol. Yes I know, I am only a 34b and never thought that mine would sag either...ever!! Just too small...but thought wrong! And my stomach, thankfully I dont have any stretchmarks, but still have a tummy that I am not impressed with.


Rabbits07 - July 6

Let's see...the last time I can remember life without kids I was in the 10th grade and there is absolutely NOTHING at all I miss about being in school. I do miss going to the bathroom without someone beating on the door asking me what I'm doing and when I'll be done...LOL. I've actually had kids part of my own adolescence and all of my adult life....I don't think I would know how to act without a little one at my side. I've not been alone in 15 years...all of my subsequent babies have come before the previous one went into school. I do believe when my last one goes to college that empty nest syndrome will probably bust my chops real good!


Sarahsmommy - July 6

I miss being able to sleep in, sleep through the night, and going to bed at a normal hour. By the time she goes to bed, I'm so tired I usually just zonk out too. I also miss being up to just get up and go, now I have to get someone else ready too.


Ca__sieSong - July 6

I miss my old tummy. It was never perfect, but I got terrible stretch marks during pregnancy and I know they are there for good even if they do fade. I also miss sleeping in and going out with friends. None of my friends have kids and I've lost touch with so many of them. I guess I miss having my own life. However, it is worth it and I love my LO with all my heart.


Annette - July 6

Ditto with Ca__sieSong, except I don´t have stretchmarks, my belly just looks sad and miserable like a deflated airballoon. I miss wearing top tanks and tight jeans... let alone a bikini. I miss going somewhere without pushing a stroller. I miss ALL the space we had in the apartment before the exersaucer and the stroller and the ba__sinet and the bouncer and the carseat and bottles in the kitchen and so on. I miss my 34 B´s looking up and (sorry if TMI) someone playing with them without fearing of squirting milk... SOOORRYYYY!!!! And yes.... baby is worth it all. Really.


LisaB - July 6

Sleep and having drinks with friends. Oh having friends. Sleep.


terri - July 6

Well. I would I say that I miss my alone time,lol..Don't have any at all any more. I miss sleeping in, going out with friends and family without tugging along a little one, I miss flat stomachs, tight clothng without feeling stupid..etc..lol.. but they are both worth more than anything.


cae - July 6

Yep...im with you on that one Annette...100%.


Mary - July 6

I miss my old body. I did look good. I miss being alone. I miss getting up and doing what I want. I miss my friends. None of them have kids. I miss having normal conversations rather than "baby talk" all day. I wish I could have celebrated my 21st birthday, but I was 7 months pregnant and now I can't go out at all. I really miss sleeping in. I used to go to bed at 4 am and up at 2pm. Now its backwards (to me). I miss my belly shirts. But even without all that, my DD is so much worth it. Now I can't imagine a life without her. I love her more than having all that stuff.


HannahBaby - July 6

Its hard to think of something because every minute of my day revolves around my daughter but the one thing i would say that i miss is just being able to get up and go. Its such a production to get the diaper bag ready and her juice cup and an extra cup and food and toys and diapers etc...then to put the bag in the car, then the baby, then yourself. By the time you get into the car your ready to take a nap! But thats about all that i miss :o) I dont mind giving up "my" time to be with my daugther. Which is crazy because i was high maintenence (hair, nails every other week, tanning every single day) i dont do any of it now because i refuse to leave baby with anyone.


mama3 - July 6




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