Poll What Do You Miss

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cae - July 7

Yes, Maggie, Im with you on that one. I miss my full time job, I know it sounds strange too. But, I too, am an RN, and use to work as a traveling nurse, but locally, and made some mad money. I would go shopping atleast once a week, and buy anything I wanted without hesitation. Now, it seems like all we do is worry about the lack of money, since I am not working, and still want to spend, spend, spend, like before. So I am actually looking forward to go back to work, just 1 or 2 days a week. It will be hard to leave the LO, but i think it will be good for me as well. I am not ready yet to be a full SAHM. I want a family and a career at the same time, so I will try my best to juggle both.


austinsmom - July 7

I really miss sleeping in as well.....I miss my prepreg body and tight abs (ain't nothing tight anymore) I miss getting naked and seeing that special light in my hubbys eyes and being proud to walk around the house that way......I miss just taking off with hubby and going just anywhere we might decide to go without a care in the world.....I miss the quiet evenings when nothing else mattered but cooking supper and taking a shower......I have good friends though none have any children they have kinda adopted my lo and do not have a problem with the fact that if they want to spend time with me then they are gonna spend time with lo as well....but I do miss taking off with them just anywhere we wanna go and laying around floating on the lake without worrying where to keep lo outta the sun and outta trouble..... I guess I basically just miss the alone time me and hubby used to have to talk and interact and mostly the body cause I too am sure I will never get it back to where it was before......but I am soooo happy to have lo and now I look forward to differant things and my life has become alot fuller....


Bree - July 7

The thing I miss most is the freedom to take off on a moments notice w/my hubby! We used to run the roads over the weekends, now it's so much trouble lugging our sweetie anywhere. It's just not the same. ...........like some of you I do miss my pre-preggo body (less jiggle lol) and sleep! ...or I should say uninterrupted sleep.


Justine1 - July 7

I miss being able to just go out without having to plan it. I miss walking round shops without a pushchair. I miss just going to be able to go away for the weekend without planning it. I miss not having to change nappies/diapers!! I even miss work sometimes but DD is wonderful.


Suzanne - July 7

I miss my body, I miss sleep, I miss being free, I miss having lots of money to do with what I want, and I miss my single friends.


SonyaM - July 7

Reading through all of these posts it made me think....in 20+ years we will have a new thread of things we miss about having kids at home!!! We took out little ones to Sea World today and my husband and I both got teary eyed when we saw the look on our four year olds face when he saw Shamu for the first time. It was awesome!



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