POLL Who Wants To Get Pregnant Again

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Maggie - May 26

I know I'm nuts, but I'm really thinking I want to get pregnant again. I have an almost 4 month old dd, and a 5 year old son. I love being a Mommy and I want 1 more before I close up the shop. Who's with me or against me? Only postive comments please!


Ginny - May 26

You are so brave! I would love to one or 2 more, but this one will need to be out of diapers first!


Chelle - May 26

I do! My daughter is almost 10 months old and I can't wait to have anothe one. And the best part is my husband wants another one even more then I do! But right now isn't the right time. My husband is leaving his VERY well paid job in a few months so he can go back to school full time, so I have to go back to work. Until now I've been a stay at home mom and loving it! So we're going to wait until he finishes his degree and has a stable job so I can stay home once again. We're still unsure how many we want to have, we're thinking 3 right now. I don't think you're nuts = )


ry - May 26

I do, and i have a 2 month old lol! No, seriously I am going to wait at least 1 year to start trying again but i am one of those crazy people who loves being pregnant and really misses it. I would have 10 kids if i could afford them! :)


Maggie - May 26

Thanks for the nice comments. I really want to start TTC in November or December, but really don't want to be 9 months pregnant in July or August (I've already done that and it was hell!!). I don't think my dh would be willing to start trying in August or September, but I'm d__n sure going to try and convince him.


Rabbits07 - May 26

I know how you feel! I love being pregnant and I love being a mommy! I actually have people ask me if I had my tubes tied...they've been asking that since #3 so I'm used to it...but, it's just not something that my heart will let me do. And while I want to respond with a big fat 'IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS', I just say no, which brings on the are we planning on having more question. I would have many more if my poor old body would let me, but I am having a hard time recovering this time about (I think due more to my FM). Anyway, my point is that if you want more..have 'em.


JEN - May 26

I can't believe that I am about to admit this, but I would love to be pregnant again in the near future. Ahhhhhh! Now, this is not at all in my plans ( my ds is only 6 months), but I would be nothing but happy if there were to be an accident...: ) At the same time, it would be a huge financial strain right now, and I do want to be able to spoil my son now, but something about the idea of another baby makes my heart flutter. Oh well, I am only 27, so I have a few good years left in me if it takes a while LOL! If you and your hubby are ready, I say absolutely go for it! Good luck to you!


olivia - May 26

I'm diving right in. I have an 8 month old and am 10 weeks pregnant. We wanted them close together and I guess we are getting it! I just started getting my energy back so I feel good. I can't wait to see the two cuties side by side :)


YC - May 26

You are all so brave. I am overwhelmed just reading your posts. lol!!! I say if you want more and you can afford them and take care of them then go for it. My dd is 5 months old. She is my first and I always joke with daddy that she will be an only child. I had a very trying pregnancy but of course she is worth it. I want one more...he wants three more....I guess only time will tell. Good luck ladies!


C - May 27

You guys are very brave. My son is 13 months and is just learning to walk. It takes all of my energy to take care of him. I'm not sure if it's because I work 40 + hours and drive 2 hours per day that I'm so pooped. Anyway, one is good for me. I do plan to have one more but not until this little guy is potty trained and can bring me a diaper for the new little one. Best wishes to you all.


rizo123ex4 - May 28

OMG maggie i would LOVE to be on with you we did our last together:) but DARN i got a tubal :( we closed up shop i think that is so FUNNY that is what my DH tells every one when they ask that dreaded QUESTION are you have more lol


Shea - May 28

It's funny, the first month or so after my ds was born, I would have said yes. But now I'm so tired all of the time, I don't know if I want to start all over again.


meme - May 28

I just had my first a month ago, and I still haven't forgotten, nor am I likely to soon forget, how utterly c___ppy pregnancy & giving birth are. I'm waiting AT LEAST another three or four years! Blech.


Maggie - May 28

Hi ladies! Amy, how are you?After my son was born I didn't even consider having another until he was 3, and I waited more than a year after that to ask my husband if he felt good about trying again.I feel really strongly now that I want another but I'm going to wait a little before telling my husband. We have also started doing major renovations on our apartment and I want to be able to help my husband. The poor man already works 50-60 hours a week, and then comes home and does the same work. I feel like if the feeling is this strong now, I'm still going to feel strongly about it in a few months. All you ladies know that when you get that itch you want to scratch it. I even have names picked out- Thomas Patrick for a boy, and Corrine Shannon for a girl. Even reading this back it seems a little nuts that I'm thinking this way, but it just feels right.


hrsmith - May 28

My son is 7 months old and we are starting to try this month. I am totally ready to have another. I am 32 and my dh is 36. we were hoping to be able to have all of our children before I reach 35. I think we are planning to have 3, but who knows...with 2 kids so close in age, I might just be satisfied with 2. Time will tell, but I am ready.


Rhonda - May 28

I just had a baby in march,and also have a 2yr old and a 16mos old.My fiancee wants us to have at least one more.My last two were by c-section and im scared about trying to get pregnant again.we have two girls and a boy.My fiancee wants to try for another boy,hopefully real soon,i just dont know if i want to and i dont know if it will be safe.but good luck Maggie and the rest of you.


HannahBaby - May 28

i am 20 weeks pregnant with my second. I got pregnant with this baby the same month that my daughter turned one. i will be spacing the 2nd and 3rd out however, i think that having two little ones at once is enough for me!!



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