Poll How Long Did You Swaddle Your Baby

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ca_pink - May 4

How long did you swaddle your baby? We swaddled our baby the first week and a half and then stopped for about tthree weeks. We recently have started to "try" to swaddling her again because she startles herself awake with her arms when she sleeps and she has been scratching her face (she wakes up with horrendous red marks all over her face). But now that we're trying to swaddle her again, she puts up a fight - she cries and squirms constantly. She's almost 6 weeks now.


nic nac - May 4

my dd is 4 months and I still swaddle her cuz she wakes herself up with her jerky arm movements. Some babies hate being swaddled. Have you tried cutting her nails so she doesn't scratch herself? or have you used scratch mitts? if she doesn't like it then I wouldn't force it.


Kelly K - May 4

My DD is 5.5 months and we still swaddle her from the chest down. We don't cover her arms now, but she loves the comfort. Try getting an actually swaddler and try that. It's much easier to get them in.


Evans mommy - May 4

DS is 5 1/2 months. I too stopped swaddling him after 3 wks b/c he would kick out of it. But after a few weeks of extreme fussiness, I returned to the swaddling after reading the Happiest Baby on the Block. Just use a larger blanket. I've even used a crib sheet when it got too warm and the central air was out of commission (I'm from the South). Now at 22 weeks I only swaddle from the chest down like Kelly K. It's works and he expects it when he goes to sleep for naps and bedtime. Don't know how long we'll continue, guess time will tell.


YC - May 4

Evansmommy-same here...I stopped at 2 weeks but started again after reading Happiest Baby on the Block. Our dd was colicky. Now she is 19 weeks and is dependent on the swaddle. We have the miracle blanket but she will eventually grow out of it. I tried to wean her out of it with 1 arm out but NO LUCK! Any advice?



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