Poop Explosions And Leaky Pampers

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Lissi - November 7

Nadya's in size 2 Pampers, which are fine if she only pees in them, but heaven forbid she poops in them, because lately it seems to overflow, until she looks like she been wading up to her chest in mustard! She's br___tfed, so she has runny poop. So far I've been lucky, because it's only happened when we're at home, so I can whip her clothes off an put her in the bath, but if it ever happens while we're out, it could be a disaster! Is there a single brand of nappy that doesn't leak? Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


Kathryn - November 7

YES!!! Nathan has had poop up to his neck. I've been lucky also too because he has only been home when he does it (and only when Daddy is watching him- hehe). If I see that he is going, I pick him up so I know it has a place to go in the diaper. He is also in size 2 swaddlers and is b___stfed. I recently did a diaper study. I told them of the problem.


Narcissus - November 7

Lissi, you may want to buy some of those plastic cloth diaper covers so you can leave the house, lol:)


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 7

Try a different brand, when Amaya was on meds b/c of an ear infection she got some really really really (did I say really?!?!?!?) bad diarrhea. Every 5 minutes she was covered in the runny stuff. We tried different brands and found that huggies supreme worked best. The Parents Choice worked good except they dont absorb fast enough so if it was alot it would be everywhere. I really really like Huggies Supreme now that we are using them. I have not been able to find them in size 1 or 2 that come in a large bag I think they have like 48 in them or something but as soon as she hits size 3 we were able to start getting the larger bags!


Toya - November 7

Yes, Huggies Supreme size 2's worked the best for Asjani when it came to stopping leaks.Breastfed poop is great in that it doesn't stink...but it is often runny. I would always change Asjani right when I suspected she had done a number 2...that way it didn't have time to travel...it's hard to catch sometimes though..


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 7

I do not have leaks in the Target brand. Every other brand, name or generic have leaked for me, either pee or poop.


Jamie - November 7

I switched to huggies cause Renity was always exploding out of pampers.


Missy - November 7

I was having the same problem with Natalia snd I switched to a larger size - so far, no b__wouts. I use pampers swaddlers and they work well.


Lisa*9 - November 7

When my son was 6 weeks old he had a poop explosion , I call them outafit busters at the dr's office,I had to rinse his outfir in the dr's sink,couldn't take it home runny and dirty. I was embaressed but I didn't let it bother me. The same child had one in the hospitalin a hospital yellow sleeper,it was a good thing I didn't have to do the laundry on that one.


Stephanie - November 7

My son is also in the size 2 now and we use the Pampers Swaddlers they work great for his VERY runny poop.I also had the regular baby dry pampers and they leaked with both pee and poop.Maybe if you tried a bigger size thats what we had to do.


Jbear - November 8

I bought some Huggies supreme and they leaked every time. I had good luck with Pampers swaddlers...but last time I bought Target diapers and we haven't had any leaks yet. They were cheap, too...$5.75 for 56 size 1.


.... - November 8

i've tried a lot of diapers and pampers just seem to work the best. I love the swaddlers...thats what they use in the hospital and thats what i ended up using. But my son is only 4 months and in a size 3 diaper. Those are the cruisers. But that used to happen to him also and it was because his diaper was too small. And i never realized it. It looked like it fit to me but my mother told me that i needed a bigger size. So i got a bigger size and it stopped doing that :) good luck


Lissi - November 8

Seems like everbody is having the same problem then. It's a pity, but I don't think I can get Target diapers in England. I tried size 3 diapers on her last night, but they were enormous on her!



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